How hotels use smartphone technology to serve customer better


Smartphones have made life so much easier and more convenient in many ways and are becoming ubiquitous across the world. And smartphones are now providing us with up-to-date information and are particularly useful for travelers. And now the hotel industry is taking notice of smartphones and using them to enhance customer experience. Hotels are constantly changing and adapting to meet market trends. Smartphone technology is far more compatible and instead of defining customer service as face-to-face interaction the choice of smartphone technology is just good customer service.

Smartphone technology helps leverage your staff to provide better customer service through

Remote check-in and check-out

Hotel owners can manage their staff needs and save considerably on labor costs by enabling guests to check in remotely through their smartphone devices. This technology will provide them with a more personalized guest experience, offer appropriate upgrades, and can also alert hotel staff when guests arrive.


The day-to-day operation of the hotel such as checking people in and out, and handover reporting are all essential. And by using technology to automate check-in serves more immediate requests and this technology can also be used in the smartphone delivery of services such as the smartphone delivery of newspapers via smartphone devices. This technology may improve the overall guest experience.

Breaking Down Barriers

Smartphone technology can help your staff to break down common barriers to customer service such as language translation. Language barriers provide unique challenges to customer service in hotels. Even the most multilingual staff can’t meet the needs of every guest without technological assistance and a high level of proficiency is needed especially when dealing with guests. Smartphones now offer one of the most efficient means of training for a large number of employees anytime, anywhere.

QR Codes

Hotels are not missing out on technologies like QR codes now being put to use all over the place. QR codes provide a way to quickly use a smartphone to scan a code and the user is then sent directly to a web page to get more information. Customers can now scan immediately to get the menu items and to get more information about the ingredients and the preparation of food.

Smart Roomservice

Hotels with smart occupancy sensors will help push menu notifications to smartphones at optimal times when the guests are in their rooms. Many food delivery apps already offer a similar experience, sending a push notification. 

Smartphone Payment

One of the biggest developments in the industry over the coming years is paying via smartphones. And this is particularly useful in hotels as travelers often don’t want to carry around a large amount of cash, and paying by phone can help them control their spending.

Smartphone Keys

This technology is sure to catch on more in the future as now smartphones are even being used in place of room keys in some hotels. This technology allows guests to use their smartphones to enter and lock their doors and in this way the customer experience can be improved.

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