Smartphones have become an essential gadget for us to survive. A device that easily fits in your hand, can be considered as the most important source for not just connecting with friends and family, but also controlling your professional lives and staying informed about things happening around you.

Smartphones have enabled a characteristic of instant connection in your lifestyle whether it is your personal or professional life. The ease and productivity has witnessed an exponential rise with mobile applications that enable everything, from ordering a meal to booking a cab, everything is just a click away.

Smartphones shape our day to day lives with introduction of new technology every other day. From controlling your finances to shopping, you need your smartphone at every step of your day. Such trends are taking over at the workplace too. Majority of the workplace is covered with the Millennials and Gen Z generation, who have grown up in an environment of smartphones and cannot imagine their lives without it.


Before smartphones evolved as one of the most important components of our lives, work life revolved primarily around the time that you spent in your office, at your desk. Smartphones have provided you with the leverage of working from anywhere in the world with the help of connectivity applications such as Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc. which provides you with access to a virtual desk. This has also helped in reducing costs of office spaces and maintenance by allowing organizations to allot workstations to various employees.

Increased Productivity
In this digitalized era, smartphones have simplified the way you work by providing you with various applications. This has also enabled employers to reallocate their workforce and still track their work and location. Smartphones have enabled you to connect with your employees and colleagues instantaneously across various time zones.

Faster Communication
Smartphones help you communicate faster. You can use a number of messaging and video conferencing applications to communicate even if you are physically far, which makes the communication easy, fast and less challenging. Everything happens at the ring of a notification and you do not have to worry about getting late or missing the meetings which can be attended through your smartphones while you are travelling.

These days the workplace is no longer associated with the actual work desk at your office, rather it is something you can do from wherever you are. Smartphones provide you flexibility of working from anywhere and anytime. This will help you maintain your social life along with coping up with your professional lifestyle. Collaborating with the team even after the office hours at different locations increases transparency and unify the work experiences.

In an ever changing world where technology is taking over everything, you should realise that smartphones have replaced calculators, watches, notepads, etc. making our bags and pockets lighter. Smartphones can also provide you healthcare services online through various mobile applications related to telemedicine and telehealth which provides online consultation rather than visiting the doctor in person.

You can definitely consider that smartphones have changed lives in a better way until you depend completely on them. You should always maintain a line between your professional and personal life. You cannot deny the fact that smartphones have developed a culture of quick turnaround, which has to be managed by you in reality.

The use of smartphones is going to grow further with more number applications at your fingertips making things way easier for you. So, next time your smartphone rings or vibrates consider it as a prompt for new opportunities or possibilities it has brought in your professional life. Smartphone technology is not a fashion, but it is an urgent requirement for the fast moving technology based world which can help businesses stay ahead and get a competitive edge on their competitors.

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