How digital transformation is helping mobile users


Mobile applications are acting as a fuel to accelerate digital transformation in the 21st century. Increased demand of technology is changing the business dynamics rapidly causing a cultural change nationwide. In the United States, 69% of digital media time comes from mobile apps with the smartphone penetration rate reaching upto 85% in February 2021. These figures clearly indicates the dominance of digitalization in the current scenario which eventually is helping mobile users to adapt to the new normal.

Let’s take a look at how digitallization is transforming the world:

  • Assists decision making- Digital transformation enables businesses to make data driven decisions, find revenue leakages and improve their productivity and efficiency. Irrespective of the industry, businesses need to acquire digital edge to succeed in this covid era. Digitilization helps businesses to reduce labour costs and provides a wider reach especially to the marketing sector by improving their user engagement via social media ads, Email marketing etc.
  • Improved customer experience- Businesses can leverage data to understand their customer needs and wants, analyize their competitors and discover market trends. Mobile advanced technology facilitates personlization which increases transparency between customers and businesses and improves CRM, besides automating the process which makes operations easier and faster.  
  • Technological advancement- Different components of businesses like products, operations, customers, employeees and competitors etc., can be connected through digital apps using technologies like Arificial Intellegence and Machine Learning to transform business models and generate higher revenue. AI powered chat bots, e-commerce websites, social media advertisements, biometrics, speech recognition etc., respresents how digital transformation is changing the world.
  • Improved digital culture through mobile apps- Nowadays, mobile apps dominate the time spent online by an individual. From browsing to shopping and other activities carried out in a person’s daily routine all are digitalized. There are different categories of apps available to suit the needs and preferences of customers and the smartphone users have increased dratically over a decade. People are adapting to online banking, e books, video conferencing for their businesses which shows a rising trend in digital transformation.

The digital age requires the economy to pace up with the advanced technolgy and businesses have begun to understand the capabilities  of digitalization. Mobile users are indeed benefitting from this digital transformation and encouraging the innovation which will lead to ample amount of  opportunities even after the Covid pandemic is over.

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