How Big Data plays a huge role in the mobile market


The phrase “Data in the new oil in the 21st century” still holds good considering how Big data solutions is shaping the mobile market. Companies are optimizing Big data to a great extent to generate business insights and discover trends. Smartphones play a crucial role in our day to day lives and marketers are thriving on it to improve their business operations via mobile marketing tools such as websites, social media, mobile apps etc.

  • Create useful Marketing strategies- The primary focus of data analytics is to gain insights from complex data sets in order to analyze market trends and understand the buyer persona. The 360 view from big data allows marketers to uncover the hidden correlation in their sales and business model. These analytics help companies to take well informed decisions in less time and understand their customer’s preferences to deliver better outcomes.
  • Provide customer satisfaction- Big data plays a key role in meeting the needs of customers. Nowadays, people tend to depend on mobile apps for their daily activities and these apps consume lots of data. The mobile gaming industry perfectly utilizes the data to predict the user’s behaviour for suggesting which games they are more likely to enjoy. Other mobile apps also use big data to interpret the usage patterns which improves customer experience.
  • Personilzation- Big data in smartphones have the ability to deliver real time ads and push notifications targeted to a specific audience based on tracked location and customize it to suit the needs of the customer. Thus, big data is revolutionizing the mobile marketing industry by providing personalized mobile experiences.
  • Enhancing sales conversion and revenue- Big data helps companies to dig deeper into business insights through smartphone penetration to know what works for them and vice versa. This predictive analytics is used by marketers to get a better understanding of their competitors using data analytics tools such as Excel, Python, Power BI etc., which eventually increases sales and generates more profits.
  • Adding value- Big data should be used effectively instead of exploting the data to collect information from consumers. If utilized properly Big data can add value to improve customer experience.

Big data is a great opportunity and innovation in mobile market backed by mobile technology and can make a huge impact on businesses, the workforce and the society.

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