How Artificial Intelligence is making our Smartphones Intelligent

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been driving some of the important functionalities in Smartphones. Ironically, we hardly notice these features, even though we use our Smartphones so extensively.

AI is all about enhancing the ability of a software application so as to make it understand specific information. Moreover, by adding contextual knowledge, it can be made much more ‘intelligent’. The software would then be able to respond much more accurately based on the context. Also, it would even start learning on its own through the Machine Learning algorithms built into it.

Predictive Text

For instance, Predictive Text is one such feature where AI is used to guess the word you’re typing on your phone. Subsequently, being able to choose the word from the prompt-list can be quite helpful. It is especially convenient for those who aren’t fond of typing lengthy words on their phone’s small screen.

Auto Grouping

Another example could be your smartphone’s ability to sort photos on its own. The new AI-driven Photo-filter apps are capable of grouping your photos into folders by identifying the faces in the images. For instance, your selfies will be automatically organized in a separate folder, and not with the other images, which can be really amazing.

Text-on-Image translation

Translating the text on an image in one language to another is turning much more convenient with AI. Though, this was possible even without AI apps, as the image could be uploaded on internet for analysis and translation. However, with AI, the smartphones are now capable of doing it in real-time without the need of an Internet connection.

Enhanced Personalization

AI tools on your phone can continually learn from the data they process. It allows them to predict your behavior over a period of time. Thus, based on your usage patterns, your phone would start prompting the tools you use without you having to open them explicitly. For instance, switching your phone to silent when reaching office, or playing your favorite music at weekends, could now be performed automatically by AI-powered smartphones.

Increased Security

AI algorithms are getting sophisticated by the day. As such they are improving the efficiency of the security features such as Face ID device unlocking system. The advanced AI-phones can even detect your face with different hair-styles and other similar changes, yet ensuring it’s only you and not anyone else with a similar face who is unlocking it, which can be a major boost to your phone’s security.

However, AI is still in its nascent stage and should be able to get better with time. Perhaps, the AI tools of the future would be able to add many remarkable features to our smartphones, which as of now could leave us surprised.