How Android Is Enhancing Our Multimedia Experience

How Android Is Enhancing Our Multimedia Experience

Android-powered devices have transformed the way Multimedia content was accessed in the past. The advanced versions of Android OS like KitKat, Lollipop and now Marshmallow have taken the multimedia experience to a whole new level. Most Android-Smartphones can now play high-quality videos & let you listen to songs without having to download them. The latest Android apps available on the Play Store are doing everything possible to satiate our ever-increasing thirst for exciting multimedia content. The rapid improvements in functionality and performance of these apps are a testimonial to the capability of Android to deliver a futuristic multimedia experience to its users. Let’s check out some of the top multimedia Apps offered by Android –

MX Player

This video-player app offers hardware acceleration support, which can be applied to different types videos using the new H/W decoder. Its innovative feature lets users to zoom-in and out with ease just by pinching or swiping across the screen.

YouTube App

With some exciting new features like Editor, Watch-Later, etc., the latest YouTube app has become an essential part of our daily course of entertainment. For instance, using the Editor feature you can now edit videos online. You have multiple options to add effects, crop the size and modify the transitions. It saves you the hassle of editing them offline and then having to upload them later.

The Watch-Later option is another convenient feature which lets you watch YouTube videos at a later date or time. You can do this by simply clicking the symbol ‘+’ on that video page and YouTube saves it for you to access it later. With this you don’t have to miss out on exciting videos and can watch them next time as per your convenience.


This personalized radio app lets create a specific station for each distinct musical style you love. You can then play just the kind of music you’re interested in. It also helps you find new artists and music with similar genre. The more you use Pandora, the better it learns of your preferences and provides even more specific suggestions.


If you ever wanted to bookmark your audiobooks and later pick up where you left off, Audible is the Android app you need. It enhances your audiobook experience and also solves the earlier shortcoming of audiobooks to play proprietary files.


This exciting app lets you add a bit of fun by allowing you to play-around with audio files. It lets you create your own ring-tones, notification-sounds and alarm-tones from the existing audio files on your device. You can also upload new audio files directly if you want to. Among the various UI improvement in its latest version, this app lets you assign a unique ring-tone to each of your contacts in the list, while the new “Privacy” option lets you change these settings.

In addition to the ones listed above, there exist dozens of Android multimedia Apps with host of latest features. While most of these interesting solutions are free, some are paid, as they might offer some extra-features or enhancements. Thanks to the multitude of new apps being developed everyday, Android users now have access to some of the most advanced applications to satisfy their multimedia needs.