How a Higher RAM Capacity can benefit your Smartphone

Smartphone RAM

As smartphones become faster by increasing their processing power, a 2GB RAM is no longer sufficient. Most leading brands have already extended the RAM capacity of their flagship phones to 4GB and look to go further. But the question lies whether a 4GB RAM is indeed beneficial for your smartphone. Discussed below are some of the points that’ll help us reach a conclusion.

Improved Multitasking

Smartphone, as a device, has transformed the way we communicate. It has also introduced us to numerous additional features such as Messaging, Video-streaming, Gaming, etc., which can be performed by installing mobile apps. Due to these apps, we can now use our phones from almost anything such as online shopping, social networking, entertainment and much more.

However, each of these apps consumes a high amount of memory and processing power of your device. So, if you have less amount of RAM, the performance of your phone can also go down drastically, because, it would be unable to cater to multiple tasks being performed by different apps concurrently.

On the other hand, a 4GB RAM can allow your phone to respond to multiple requests from several apps, all at the same time, which can significantly improve your phone’s multitasking capabilities.

Increased Performance

Smartphones have become the primary devices for web browsing. The ever-increasing speed of mobile data, which increased from 2G to 3G, and has now reached 4G, has been exerting additional stress on phones with limited memory and processing resources. Also, the bigger screens and in-built camera with higher resolution require more memory to deliver precision picture quality. All this can be taken care by increasing the memory to 4 Gigabytes.

Moreover, the latest games have more graphics and visuals, which also require more RAM. So, if you want to play these high-end games, you need to have the 4GB RAM, which can enable your device to deliver sustained performance for longer durations.

Improved Autonomy

‘More is always better’ – is the thumb rule followed by most gadget makers. So, the logic is, whenever your phone gets pushed to deliver higher performance, the 4GB RAM can essentially provide the much-needed buffer and thus, your phone will never run out of memory. This will give more autonomy to the device, and is the usability aspect defines enhancement in both UI and UX. Also, with leading Operating systems such as Android and iOS releasing newer and heavier versions regularly, a 4GB RAM is bound to become the norm in smartphones in a couple of years. In short, the 4GB RAM assures reliable support to all the improvements of your smartphones and can deliver enhanced user experience.