Four Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing for Smartphones

Email Marketing is one of the most common promotional techniques. It is ideal for pitching new products and sending acknowledgments to customers for their support. It’s no surprise that most marketers still consider it the best option for promoting their brand and offerings as it can help them achieve maximum returns along with enhanced customer experience.

However, to achieve the desired results from email campaigns, marketers should ensure their emails not only get delivered to the intended receivers but also get opened and read. As most users have started using their smartphones to check email, it has now become essential for brands to optimize their email marketing for smartphone. It means it is imperative for emails to be accessible across various mobile devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. Here are some of the tips that can be used to do this:

1) Optimize the text version

If you want your email to be viewed by receivers no matter what device they use, then you’d have to cover all the bases. Email marketing automation applications that are built to create emails for marketing campaigns offer both text and HTML versions of an email. Although most smartphones today can read an HTML email, you’d still have to go an extra mile for those that can only read text, for which you would need to double-check your text version. You can do this by editing it so that all links are clear and images get replaced with text whenever needed.

2) Minimize the design elements

To ensure your emails are viewable on almost all mobile devices and tablets, you can follow a rule of thumb of keeping them between 500-600px wide. You need to keep in mind that some featured phones may have a limited display. Hence, it always makes sense to keep the design elements in your emails to a bare minimum. The same goes for the amount of other visual and graphical content. When you add too many images or graphics, they may come through as links or blank space on the users’ screen. When this happens, most users may simply delete your message before they even start reading.

3) Keep it short and simple

As you’ve got limited space to work with, you have to ensure the most relevant and exciting information comes in the first half of the email. It starts with an exciting subject line, which should be able to entice the recipients to open and read it. Keeping your subject line to 15 characters or less can be a good idea. Similarly, the short size of your emailer will prevent the readers from continuous scrolling and help them get to the CTA quickly. If you have more information, then you can always use bullets to break up the content and make it comprehensible.

4) Create Smart CTAs

While mobile devices prevent you from using too many graphics and design elements, you can use your creativity in creating some smart Call-to-Actions phrases. Again, it needs to be short and clearly visible. At the same time, it should be able to compel the readers to click it. Another good rule of thumb is to avoid any JavaScript or Flash for the CTA button.

So, just follow these easy tips to ensure your emails are opened and read by the maximum number of recipients.