Four Most-Anticipated Features in Future Smartphones


Gone are the days when you’d buy a new smartphone for its customary features such as camera, clarity, and performance. As the users’ expectations have soared beyond normal, these features are now taken for granted. What’s expected is something radical and exciting. The top smartphone makers seem to have accepted the challenge and are always looking to come up with innovative features using the most advanced technology. Here are few such features that are expected from the upcoming smartphones in near future.

Foldable Screens

Smartphone companies have been working on their screens to make them bigger and much more vivid. However, the concept of flexible screens that would enable you to bend and fold your phone as you like, would be quite a revolution. Most manufacturers are also pushing to make wearable smartphones. We are may well have phones which we could wear around the wrist like a watch and unfold it into a typical handset when required. The physical flexibility of the phones would all depend on the task the users are engaging with.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been deemed as the technology of the future, while already being deployed in various fields. By integrating it with your smartphone, the AI system would learn and adapt to your needs over time. The AI will learn the pattern in which you use your phone on a day-to-day basis and start applying it automatically. For instance, you might be listening to music on your way to the office and switching the phone to silent on reaching. Having identified the patterns the AI system will automate these daily processes for you. Also, with onboard AI technology, the smartphones will be capable of translating various languages in real-time without having to connect with the Internet.

Three-Dimensional Displays

The screen resolutions of Smartphones have already attained phenomenal levels of clarity. The resolutions provided by few smartphone brands are much sharper for even the human eye to perceive. However, the display is still limited to two-dimensional viewing. Mobile companies are now to take it a step further, and the 3D viewing experience is the feature we could expect from next-generation smartphones.


The holographic projections could be the next step in multi-dimensional visual experience on mobile. Essentially, the technology can be termed as the combination of 3D and projection viewing. It means, the 3D display when integrated with elements of movements will allow you to view the images on your phone’s screen as objects. As exciting it could get, you could probably even resize and move the objects by grabbing, pulling or compressing the holographic photos that appear on your phone’s screen.