Four benefits of using Smartphone for hiring

Hiring through mobile

For any organization, the employees are the primary asset and a company simply cannot exist without them. They are also the main differentiators, as a company with a superior talent pool can successfully establish a distinctive competitive advantage.

When so much depends on the employees, it makes the process of choosing the right fit for the job much more crucial, for which the firms need to go the extra mile. In today’s mobile-driven world, Smartphone is the avenue which signifies that as that additional mile.

If a company wants its talent acquisition initiatives to be triumphant as far as the reach and accessibility are concerned, then having a mobile-compatible hiring platform is now a necessity rather than a luxury. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of hiring through mobile, which has led to significant improvements in methods used in the talent sourcing industry.


Recruitment is a process that is excessively dependent on communication, and Smartphone is by far the best mode of communication in today’s digital world.

There’s a lot of scope of simplifying the interviews procedure, which usually comprises of many rounds of meetings between the candidate and the management. By using video calling facility available in most Smartphones, a considerable amount of traveling for the candidate can be eliminated, making the process much simpler and cost effective. The overall practice of identifying and hiring the right candidate is, thus, streamlined to a large extent, making it much more comprehensible and efficient.


As a critical business function, recruitment inevitably needs to catch up with the other business domains such as Marketing, which have already shown the massive dividends of embracing the digital media through mobile.

Attracting the right talent to fill the vacancies is much similar in comparison to the process of luring customers to buy your product. It needs the recruiters to engage their targets using the tactics quite similar to the once used in Marketing. Enticing the identified candidates by describing the benefits of the new job, usually calls for constant engagement, and Smartphones is one of the best tools to achieve it.

Reaching out to candidates through the Social Media channels, such as LinkedIn, is now an integral aspect of the recruitment procedure, and again, the Smartphone has played a vital role in ensuring the accessibility of these social networking sites to the right candidates.


The traditional process of talent acquisition is tedious and complicated, as it requires many approvals by various managers and key personnel who are part of the leadership. Arriving at a consensus on the eligibility of a candidate can be much easier if all the parties involved use their Smartphones to make quick and timely decisions.


Several mobile apps and tools have already been created to cater to the specific needs of recruitment specialists. For instance, a couple of them allow the candidates to share their resume seamlessly with the recruiters, which only add to the efficiency of the overall hiring procedure.

These are some of the factors that have contributed to the success of Smartphone as a recruitment tool, evidently transforming the traditional way of hiring.