Five Ways to Increase Sales from Mobile

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. These do-all devices have also made a significant impact on our lifestyle. We can now book a taxi, order a meal, shop groceries, and do much more, from almost anywhere, anytime, all by using our smartphone.

As such, its popularity as a marketing tool has also increased among businesses. From the business-point-of-view, the ever-growing Internet connectivity has made mobile commerce synonymous to convenience. As mobile sales have become an essential part of the business strategy, check out some of the following tips that you can use to magnify your business through mobile.

Build a Responsive and Mobile-friendly website

The first thing you need for increasing your sales on a mobile platform is to get a mobile-friendly website. To start with, you need to make it responsive. A responsive website will fit the users’ mobile screen irrespective of its dimensions, maximizing its visibility. Next, you should make it easy for the visitors to navigate your site by condensing the navigation options. Above all, it should be platform-independent. It means the users should be able to see your mobile site’s content on their phone, regardless of the type of browser and operating system.

Invest in a Mobile App

If you have the budget, a mobile app is a remarkable option to improve your sales on a mobile platform. Not only it offers instant online and offline access to users but also engages them with personalized content, which ensures a delightful experience. You can also keep your customers updated with instant updates through notifications, giving you many more opportunities to make a quick sale.

Utilize social media smartly

Social media is the place your prospects are most likely to hang out. By connecting your mobile app or mobile website with social media, you can engage your prospects and attract more traffic. You can get them talking about your brand, products, and latest discounts, and drive them directly to your app or site, before tempting them into a quick purchase.

Build CS options within the app

When your app has in-built customer service features such as chat, email, and call options, it increases the overall customer experience by multiple times. With this, the customer would neither have to copy your number on their dialer nor open your website to search for a chat window. All the customers have to do is open your app and get connected with your support team instantly. The quick response will help keep the customers happy, providing an opportunity for your support team to up-sell and cross-sell products to them, which will also increase your sales.

Engage customers with SMS & Push Notifications

One of the main advantages of mobile marketing is that you can choose the time to promote your products and service as you like. It is because most people carry their smartphone round the clock and are looking at it most of the time. Any interesting message about special discounts and offers can always entice them to have a glimpse, which can provide you with an opportunity to make a sale. Just don’t forget to provide the link in the message that will take them directly to your landing page.