Five benefits of farming through Smartphone

Most of us love our smartphones. Sometimes it’s to the extent of not able to manage without it even for a moment. Be it a professional or an entrepreneur, an employee or a student, the smartphone has become highly essential for everyone. The list also includes farmers. Yes, even farmers are now using smartphones to improve crop yields.

As exciting as it sounds, smartphone farming is catching up fast with farmers around the globe. Going by the trend, mobile technology could become an essential part of agriculture and modernize it further. Let’s check out some of the benefits of using the smartphone in farming.

Identifying Pests & Diseases

Farmers usually encounter pests and crop diseases that are new to them. But with a smartphone in their hand, they can click a pic of the ailing plants and send it across to scientists thousands of miles away. These specialists could then help them to identify the pests and also provide a solution in a matter of hours if not minutes.

Better accessibility

Most farmers have specialized tools and use them on a daily basis. Any glitch in these tools can bring their day-to-day work to a complete halt. Armed with smartphones the farmers would not only be able to seek help from technicians but also give them the exact reason for the problem with the help of video calling apps.

Skipping the middleman

There are many mobile apps that can track the local provide commodity prices in real time. Farmers can use them and sell their produce at the best price by skipping the middleman. The information on current market prices can also help them in deciding the crop that would maximize their profits.


Farmers usually deploy some unique techniques to get the best yield from specific crops. However, with no platform to document their knowledge, they are not able to share valuable information with others. However, they are now able to join online discussion forums and share their knowledge with others through their mobile phones.

Managing Finances

Farming is also a form of business that needs investment. However, most farmers usually rely upon their revenues from the previous harvest to buy the material for the next crop. Now with smartphones, they can reach out to Agronomist and corporates and can seek investments. Also, the mobile makes it much easier for them to procure loans from banks and other financial institutions.

Also, sharing their experience and getting a bit of advice from experts has now become much easier for farmers, and they have their smartphones to thank for it.