Exercise Precaution When Using Debit Cards

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All of us love the ease with which we can make purchases online and in stores with our debit cards. In fact, debit cards revolutionized the way in which business transactions were conducted all over the world. But as with any other mode of making payments, the usage of debits cards brings a plethora of challenges and safety risks that users must be on guard against.

Identify theft and information breaches are just a couple of such dangers that one must be wary of. There is no telling where a hacker may strike, or when. Your financial details could be compromised in the most unlikely of places; or at least those that you least suspect. Take ATMs or so-called secure websites, for example. Haven’t you always assumed that the security measures in these places are foolproof? Think again.

But there is help at hand―self-help―that can make sure you combat any situation that arises from debit card usage and prevent criminals from getting at your personal information. Follow the steps listed below and brush your worries away!

Online Caution

The cyber world is a huge place. It is very difficult to trace the origins of an online misdemeanor, as a result. The person/s who want to lay their hands on your information could be situated anywhere. This makes it tremendously difficult for law enforcement authorities to get to the root of most online financial crimes.
So, if you are shopping on the internet keep your eyes open for the standard secure transaction logos. This can be located rather easily as it is depicted by a “lock” symbol that can mostly be found in the upper left-hand corner of the address bar; or in some cases the lower right-hand corner too.

Ensure that the site you are conducting a financial transaction on displays the classic “https” sign. This is a sure-shot way of ascertaining that your activities are safe. Most people make the mistake of not logging off completely after doing business online. This is true especially in public places such as cyber cafes. Remember that not signing out of a session is akin to leaving the front door of your house open. Intruders can barge in at any time! Additionally, you can clear the browser of any traces of cookies that may be left behind.

Memorize the PIN

It is quite a task for us to remember details such as bank account numbers, cell phone numbers and so on; simply because there are so many of them to wrap our heads around. There’s one more thing that debit card users have to keep in mind, always―the PIN, the popular acronym for Personal Identification Number.

Always memorize your PIN however hard it may seem. Writing it down in a diary or storing it on your cell phone can be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Also, never give out your PIN in a telephonic conversation. You never know who’s listening. The PIN is for you and you alone to remember and operate.

Keep tabs on Money Statements

Given our busy schedules, almost all of us assume that our electronic devices and automated machines will do all that is necessary to ensure our financial transactions are perfectly accounted for. By this logic, we never spend much time in going through financial records, unless there is a substantial change in the “Spent” column. But this is not correct. Why hit the panic button when it’s too late?

You will have to review account statements from your bank or financial institution. If that sounds like a lot of hard work, try signing up for an electronic banking facility that will provide you with secure online access to your account 24×7.

With these simple, yet highly effective methods, you can ensure the safety of your debit card transactions. One can never be too safe these days, because the bad guys are always lurking just around the corner.