Do Mobile Technology in the home Really Improve Learning Outcomes?


With time Smartphones are becoming more and more popular as teaching aids. Both Teachers and students have an enriching experience with enhanced use of technology. A google report stated that around 40% of people rely only on their smartphones for their educational needs. But Mobile devices also bring in a few challenges:

Teacher authority – Using mobile phones can lessen the authority of the teacher or distract students from following the master lesson plan.

Higher Cost – Introducing mobile devices in schools can increase the school fees as it would cost extra to schools or if students bring their own devices it would put that extra cost on parents.

School Tech Policies – It could also be hard to implement and keep a check on students if they are following the school tech policies on their personal devices.  For example, if during class they are studying through the right educational app or playing games.

Privacy – With technology comes the risk of privacy. All apps keep a track of whats happening around us, location, search history etc. this can be a threat for students as third parties would always be tracking them in their learning path.

Just using smartphones in the class room does not ensure better student focus or understanding. Below are a few digital technologies that work best in term of studies:


Traditional textbooks become outdated in no time. Both subject matter and the format keeps changing with time. These issues can be easily eliminated through e-books as they have regular updates based on the recent syllabus update.

Smartphone Modules

Students login inside educational applications. These apps allow the students to work at their pace. They can take extra time to focus on subjects that they find difficult to understand.

Cloud Learning

Cloud technology allows the students a smooth transition between classroom learning and learning at home. As long as they have access to their tablet, phone or desktop they can study anywhere. This saves a lot of time and enhances organizational skills in students.

Text Response Software

Teachers can submit tests or assignments via text and ask students to answer and actively participate. This makes learning and engaging process. This provides a real time feedback on the student performance and encourages student to learn from their mistakes and study regularly.

Smartphone Learning can have a vital impact on the way children learn. Modern technology if used correctly can help students learn and understand things easily.

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