Deleting Data from Android Apps: Easily Yet Effectively

Deleting Data from Android Apps: Easily yet Effectively

One of the most interesting features of your Android phone is that it lets you perform a range of interesting tasks or activities. These include almost everything from scheduling to gaming, from image editing to listing your downloaded music and video files. The most common way of performing these activities in through apps (acronym for applications); and there are millions of them available for each type of activity. Apps can go a long way in helping you to simplify you work and can make things easier for you when you are working on your Android phone. For instance, if you wish to check your mails, you have several Android apps that let you integrate and organize your e-mailing activity across all e-mail platforms and e-mail ids. While there are many advantages, there are also few drawbacks that are associated with apps, as most of them demand access to information that you do not want them to acquire. However, when some apps end up extracting the information, you can always find it on your phone and delete it.

For instance, you may want to delete your browsing history and cookies from browser apps like Google Chrome app, as they usually track it when you use them. You can go about deleting the browsing history in the Google Chrome app in the following simple steps –

1) Open your Chrome browser or if it’s already open then open a new tab

2) Once you click the menu button by tapping the top right corner of the browser, you can reach the tabs including the History tab.

3) From the list you can either delete specific links or delete everything by tapping the Clear browsing data button. A pop-up will then let you select the things you want to delete.

Also, if you do not want website to track your visits, all you have to do is to tap on the ‘Do Not Track’ option and turn it on.

In order to manage the system resources or guard your privacy from Google apps, you can delete this data from the cache memory regularly, and from one place using these simple steps-

  • Tap on Setting from your Menu items
  • Open the Application Manager under more
  • Swipe across to the All-Section Option before tapping the Google Play Services entry
  • Once you access the Application manager, clear out the cache by clicking the Clear Cache button

Another alternative is to tap the Manage Space button and then toggle the required features. The same is true with the Manage Search Data button. You can clear out all the caches by tapping each one of them.

While these are the options to delete your data from the browser app and other Google apps, another important type of apps are the navigations apps. On Android phones, Google Maps is one of the primary apps available for this utility. Here are the simple steps to clear the records of your movements tracked by it –

  • Open Google Maps.
  • Access the menu by tapping on the ‘three horizontal lines’ icon.
  • Open the Settings and Tap on Map History
  • A list of places with X next to each of them appears.
  • X is an option to delete that specified place.

However, you must remember that by deleting a place, all the related content for the place, like the ratings, definition, etc., will also be deleted.

Android phones offer extensive ease-of-use to users. While apps ideally symbolize this efficiency, the host of easy options available to delete the sensitive data stored by these apps is what makes Android phones so popular with its users.