Comparing the Advantages of Smartphones and Feature Phones

Comparing the Advantages of Smartphones and Feature Phones

The last decades of the twentieth century saw telecommunication being revolutionized by the advent of mobile phones. These were essentially the first basic phones that added the amazing feature of mobility to phones as they were completely wire-free, and could be carried around with ease. The basic phones were quite handy as they enabled users to make and receive calls, send and receive messages and also store the list of their contacts. Most of them allowed the users to access FM radio and few of them even had basic games like Snake and Blocks to keep the users engaged.

The new millennium began with the featured phones dominating the mobile phone market and rapidly replacing the basic phones as the preferred gadget for communication. Needless to say, they were more advanced than basic phones. With WAP, GPRS capabilities, along with colored screens, most of these phones were Java enabled, and let the users browse the internet. They had a built-in camera and could do much more than a basic phone. Users around the globe were crazy for them until Smartphones arrived on the scene.

Android enabled Smartphones have now revolutionized the market to an extent that the basic and feature phones have been driven to almost negligible existence. With incredible features that are far superior to features phone, Smartphone has almost become ubiquitous. Coupled with the capability to access high-speed internet, Smartphones have carved out an efficacy in almost every sphere of our lives. Right from our professional needs to personal demands like entertainment and navigation, we have come to depend heavily on our Smartphones. Be it usability, convenience or features, Smartphones are way ahead. However, feature phones haven’t completely signed off from the scene and there are many of us who still have a penchant for their simplistic and minimalistic features.


Smartphones have numerous features to keep the users delighted. With their ability to rapidly access the Internet, they help the users to stay connected with their family and friends through various Social Media Channels. Numerous options for entertainment include the ability to access high-resolution videos and latest music, along with capabilities to play high-end games. There is a multitude of apps that can help the users perform various tasks. Some of them even are as innovative as checking the heart-rate of the users and can even forecast the weather.

Feature Phones, on the other hand, conserve battery which can last as long as 2-3 days without charging. They are cost-effective and are designed to resist even the rough-handed usage. The physical keyboard, unlike the touch-screen interface of a Smartphone, can be repaired and re-instantiated with ease.


It has to be accepted that convenience comes for a cost. And it is not surprising that Smartphones are much more expensive than feature phones. However, the economics of scale is sure to affect the cost factor of Smartphones. With every new season there is a new wave of Smartphones that hit the market with innovative features. When this happens, the huge stocks of Smartphones with existing features take a hit on price, leading to price fall. Through this, the cost of Smartphones with considerable features has almost slid to the level of feature phones, thus minimizing the price-advantage of feature phones.


The latest Smartphones have processing speeds that are even superior to the conventional PC. Moreover, the picture-quality and storage capabilities of Smartphones are increasing by the day. With expandable memory jumping into hundreds of gigabytes, the performance of Smartphones is simply beyond comparison with feature phones.

While Features phones score on simplicity, as they have hardly any complicated features, users might need little time and effort to get familiarized with their Smartphones. But once users feel comfortable using their Smartphones and get obsessed with its amazing features, there is hardly any reason for them to go back to the vintage feature phone.