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Why TAG Mobile

Why Choose TAG Mobile?

TAG Mobile is one of the leading providers of Free Government Phone Service under the Lifeline assistance program in California. It has been able to achieve considerable success in terms of customer satisfaction in almost every state it operates, especially in the Golden state. Be it connecting with loved ones, or contacting emergency services for

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Lifeline program

TAG Mobile offering free smartphones and Lifeline programs

About two-thirds of the Americans own a smartphone and a majority of them use these devices to access the internet. The owners of smartphones are mostly young Americans with high education levels and relatively higher income. The Smartphones are mostly used to navigate various important life events and emergency services. The smartphone dependent lower income

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Free Lifeline Program

TAG Mobile Government Assisted Lifeline Program

Tag Mobile is a leading Lifeline Cell Phone company in USA offering Free government phone service, With 1000 free minutes, 1GB LTE Data and Unlimited global messaging, for low income families and eligible government assisted customers.

How to Get a Free Cell Phone In South Carolina

How to Get a Free Cell Phone In South Carolina?

TAG Mobile is proud to be associated with the residents of the palmetto state through South Carolina Lifeline Services. This initiative of providing Free Government Phones in South Carolina is a government assisted wireless service. Its objective is to offer discounted home phone and cell phone services to eligible low income families and individuals. Discounts

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