Call Centers in 2020: Top 7 Trends You Must Be Aware Of

The continuous trends of businesses’ call centers are evolving customer expectations. Customers are becoming more demanding in terms of quick responses. Currently, how customers perceive your brand will ultimately determine their experiences. Hence, consistent CX must be a top priority for your business.

In modern times, many businesses are facing serious contact center challenges, such as high customer service costs, higher resolution cycles, and uncertainty about the customer journey. If you desire to achieve high growth for your business, you need to embrace massive changes. Your business needs to employ trends that are primarily attempting to deliver optimal solutions for customer services. As a result, your business can overcome key challenges and improve its KPIs. Here I’ve listed down top trends that your business need to watch out in 2020:

#1: Live Answering Services

At present, business managers are looking forward to enhancing customer experience in a way that will benefit the company in the long-run. They firmly believe that “soft skills” like active listening, problem-solving, empathy, and authentic communication are essential to ensure better service centers for customers. For that reason, there is a high-demand for contact center agents that hold soft skills to deliver high-quality customer services.

A new shift in the contact centers has been observed to ensure customer satisfaction. Many businesses are evolving from humble call centers to contact centers that offer effective channels of communication. In order to keep up with modern trends, your business also needs to change its call center into a modern contact center, which will be a hub of superior customer experience. Your business should move towards new opportunities to significantly reduce the operational cost of its center.

The role of the contact center agents is changing and shifting. Therefore, businesses are also considering new options like support models, process management, sourcing, and service models. Your business also needs to make use of the latest trend, like live answering services. This trend is best suited for your contact center if it aims for a 24/7 live call service. Answering Service is loaded with pro-level features to serve a wide array of needs at an affordable price. Your business gets to benefit from live receptionists/operators who are polite, professional, and can influence your callers positively. This way, your business is in a better position to retain existing customers, capture new customers, and raise its profitability.

This new trend offers live answering round the clock. Moreover, your business will be able to quickly respond to missed calls, call scripts, messages, and effectively capture every new lead. Your business can focus on what matters the most, work on essential details, and better manage the appointment setting. Ditch the voicemails and appreciate free call patching.

#2: AI-The Driving Force

It is reported that approximately 55 percent of the established businesses have invested or are intending to invest their funds in artificial intelligence. The machine technologies that are induced with artificial intelligence are very much popular in 2020. These machines have to offer drastic effects that support companies to engage with their customers on better grounds. If you are wondering how artificial intelligence can be functional for your business, then review the following;

● AI attempts to implement call routing. It means all the customer service calls will be directly routed to available call agents. The process also predicts the profile of the customer to serve needs by carefully forwarding his request to the relevant agent. AI is best-suited to save time.

● AI offers multi-channel support. It is beneficial to tackle complicated issues that cannot be solved by a single agent. Artificial intelligence empowered a support system that transfers the customer’s call to parallel channels.

● AI happens to perform well-informed actions. It means with the help of assisted automation, it is feasible to create immediate responses by executing multiple tasks.

Artificial intelligence is an optimized solution to serve various customer service needs and issues. It offers a skilled-based routing system to improve call volume.

#3: Text Marketing Returns

Recently, the rise of digital channels has been noticed to improve the functioning of customer services. Text marketing is measured as an active communication channel for 2020. No doubt, text messaging is an accessible mode of communication, which enables the companies to reply quickly. Customer service has been significantly improved with a single text message. It is convenient to resolve customer queries. In the United States of America, a study was conducted, which exhibited that around 98 percent of the individuals were ready to receive text messages or promotional information from brands. Nowadays, many businesses are using text marketing to add clickable links in SMS, gifs, maps, and videos.

Text marketing is a beneficial strategy because the messages get delivered, and there is a high chance that customers will read the content. Text marketing is not limited to messages, but you also get to notice integrative chat messages on the internet. 2020 is all hyped by email marketing, text messaging, and marketing campaigns like promotional offers, clickable SMS, and RCS.

#4: Omnichannel Communication & Cloud-Based Centers

In present times, chat-based and social media customer support have introduced a collection of new channels for communication. In 2020, many companies are working on multiple channels to ensure seamless communication with their customers. Omnichannel is suited for your business if you desire a personalized communication channel and like to deliver consistent customer experience. Omnichannel communication has set a standard for companies to bring together customer communications across numerous channels.

Many call centers in 2020 are shifting their system to cloud-based software. It delivers higher functionalities, enhances the reliability of local service, and allows quicker updates. Omnichannel and cloud-based technology have substantially improved customer’s access to well-informed support agents. These agents know the customer profile and have real-time data about them. This way, they are in a superior position to serve their queries. It is expected that 2/3 of service providers are thinking of incorporating a cloud-based system to their contact centers over the next 12 months.

#5: Data & Predictive Analytics

Data and predictive analytics are anticipated to be the new norm for 2020. The popularity of this trend is expanding at a high rate. According to research, 66 percent of the companies are looking for a better customer journey by employing advanced analytics techniques.

Analytic is an effective strategy to improve outcomes and enhance performance metrics. It focuses on examining the call data that seems essential to the contact center’s manager. Many companies have inadequate data on customers’ calls to conduct a performance evaluation of the contact center agents. Hence, this problem is being undertaken by employing analytics programs, which are based on automation. Predictive analytics is one such technique that attempts to transcribe speech into text. This allows agents to analyze text for prospective customers’ inquiries. Predictive analytics is useful to predict viable solutions and future outcomes.

Precisely, predictive technology is useful to study a massive chunk of data. It also includes social media engagements, recorded voice files, audio streams, text chats, and emails. In 2020, a vast practice of predictive and behavioral analysis is expected to study human behavior. It will offer proactive and smarter results to increase the customer base.

#6: Digital Transformation

Presently, many companies are significantly focusing on customers’ voice calls, emails, instant messaging, and web-based chat boxes. But, in 2020, every business needs to emphasize more on online communication. Approximately 42 percent of customer interactions had gone digital by the end of 2016. However, last year this percentage was increased up to 50 percent. In 2020, a considerable increase is predicted. Digital transformation takes care of the population shift and is represented by fluctuations in customer interaction preference. Nowadays, customers prefer digital interactions with brands and make purchases via the online platform.

If you are wondering how to formulate your business’s call center for the digital revolution, then you need to employ contemporary means of communication. You need to ramp up digital channels and enhance customer experience by making use of omnichannel. This way, your business will be able to work on frustrated customer journeys and support their interactions via social media platforms and mobile apps.

Your business needs to adopt digital transformation to provide comprehensive and consistent experiences to your customers. Your business can invest in software that allows the live chat to make it convenient for phone-averse customers.

#7: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA for desktops is evolving as a considerable technology trend in 2020. It assists agents in automating human interactions all through the company’s software and applications. It is considered a low-risk strategy for businesses to process automation at a broader level. RPA attempts to remove repetitive tasks, trigger actions, and connect APIs. Besides, it works to distribute tasks, automate excel data, scrape web data, and secure logins. RDA performs these tasks to empower the business with focused CRM. Therefore, it is essential for your business to fit in AI with RPA processes. This way, your business can achieve higher-order-tasks. AI will guide your agents to take the best actions by evaluating customer records.

Final Thoughts

The trends mentioned above are not the prime trends that we are expecting to notice in 2020. You can conduct an online and offline search to gain a fair idea of new directions. Precisely, the ultimate business goal is to build a call or contact center that will attempt to increase its value, work on favorable KPIs, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost service level by reducing ‘average handling time.’ 2020 is going to be an exciting time for call centers & contact centers, and businesses are looking forward to how these latest trends can prove beneficial in the long-run.