Benefits of high Speed Internet for Enterprises

Benefits of internetHigh speed internet today is not an option but critical for business enterprises anywhere in the world. Businesses are no longer constrained by geographies. They set shop wherever their markets and customers exist and invest in back office processes wherever there is a cost advantage and the requisite talent pool.

This makes it imperative that they invest in a high speed internet connection in order to coordinate, collaborate and stay on top of things regardless of where the offices and markets are. When businesses have dedicated high speed connections it means the network speed will never slow down as there is no question of sharing the bandwidth with other competing subscribers.

The cloud technology demands internet speeds always be very high at all times. Today all businesses have a cloud connection no matter which industry segment we are talking about. The true power of the cloud can be harnessed only when the internet speed supports high speed uplinking and downlinking.

When it comes to enterprise connections both the download and upload speed matters. It is unlike a domestic connection where huge files are very rarely uploaded. Company employees often send large files and documents and work in a collaborative environment via live streaming video chats which demands that upload speeds be as good as download speeds.

Online presence for any business is a must. High speed internet helps to manage your online presence without having to worry about slow connectivity issues. Staying active on the social networking channels is also the need of the hour for most of the businesses. Faster internet connection can help to better engage with their audience, upload how-to videos, demos and other data-intensive content and stay ahead of the curve.

Staying connected with all the company’s stakeholders spread around the globe is also easier thanks to lightning fast internet today. The legacy telecom infrastructure can be bypassed to use the internet for all communication purposes thanks to VoIP features which can provide very high quality solutions albeit at a much lower cost.

The recent rise of SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) is thanks to a faster internet network availability. Without the high speed network none of the newer technologies could have seen the light of day and much of the progress in this arena would have been naturally thwarted.
Today Big data is a potent force that can change the status quo in virtually most of the industry segments. But to benefit from big data there is need for utilization of specialized software frameworks like Hadoop which retains within itself the power to derive insights from petabytes of big data in a time-bound manner. But the most important factor is a high speed internet to let Hadoop work efficiently.

Hadoop makes use of multiple server stacks located at different zones in order to get the maximum processing power in the least amount of time. This makes high speed internet the most critical factor to this entire big data ecosystem helping businesses to gain hitherto unseen insights.

Businesses never had it so good. Today the faster internet networks have virtually put the entire world at the fingertips of anybody who cares to harness it for corporate growth and progress. The future can only get better.