Are We Ready To Axe Our Landline Phones Yet?

Are We Ready To Axe Our Landline Phones Yet

Are mobile phones winning the race of being our whole ‘n’ sole and multi-purpose communication device? Are we ready to axe our landline phones yet? Many of us are questioning the need for a home phone line. It looks like an expense we can easily do without.

Reception complaints occur occasionally for every mobile phone on earth. It has made the decision to axe one’s landline lot more dubious. But, we tend to turn into a penny-pinchers, when it comes to landlines and more are cutting the cord. After all, why pay for something that we rarely, if ever, use. Yet, roughly 64 percent of American homes still retain a land line phone. Is it really so useless to us…let’s see!

Users: Have a landline and it’s a one-stop solution for your relatives and family friends to reach out to any or every member of your household by dialing one number and/or leaving one message.

Power: Relying solely on a cell phone demands diligence in keeping it charged. A landline will work in power outages if your phone doesn’t require AC power. For your landline phone requiring AC power, you can buy a four- to six-hour battery backup from your service provider or you can also get it for free from some of the providers.

Reception: Ah! This is absolutely a winner. Has anyone of us seen someone plastered to the bay window to hear and be heard with a landline phone? No…never!

911 – Emergency Calls: Masterstroke! Well played Landline…well-played! Got elders or kids in your family? Emergency services need to be always available for them. However, elderly people living with landline phone for decades are likely to be reluctant to switch to a cellphone, due to both the lack of familiarity and the added expense. Kids might not be ready for their own cell phones. Landline is your rescue ranger. No wonder, consumer reports still recommends having landline service, because emergency services can more reliably locate you quickly from a 911 call on a landline than from a cell phone. A home phone still has an advantage when it comes to 911.