Android N — The Next Major Release Of The Android OS

Android N — The Next Major Release Of The Android OS

Android is perhaps, the most popular mobile operating systems in the world today. Developed by Google, it has a worldwide market share of over 53%, and has already generated over $31 billion in revenues. Since its inception, there have been 11 versions of Android OS that have hit the market (excluding Alpha & Beta). Intriguingly, starting from Android 1.5 which was code-named Cupcake, all the subsequent versions have been named after a confectionery in alphabetical order. Some of the most cherished versions the OS include Android Gingerbread, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Android KitKat and Android Lollipop. The most current version that is available in the market is Android 6.0 or Android Marshmallow, which was released in the month of October in 2015. Going by the sequence, the next version’s name is sure to start with the letter N, though it hasn’t been made public yet.

The current version of Android Marshmallow has some cutting edge features like Native fingerprint reader support, full data backup and restore for apps that work automatically, double-tap power button to open camera and more. This has raised the expectations of the users who are now anticipating some more innovative features from the next major release – the Android N. Google has already introduced the 3rd developer preview for this version, which could be used on its flagship device – Nexus 6P. As per the review and feedbacks of the developers, Preview 3 has been cited as providing smooth and elegant experience that could leave the Android owners fascinated. Discussed below are some of the exciting features that Android N is going to unleash.

Sustained Performance Mode

SPM is good news for users fond of high resolution games. Through this they can set performance levels for a given duration. This will lessen the burden on CPU and battery and enhance the overall performance.


Android N has made some subtle changes to Multitasking features. While the option of double-tapping the multitasking button to switch between the two most- recently-used apps remains, the number of apps has come down to seven. Also you can activate the multi-window mode by long-pressing an app and dragging it.

Trouble-free Updates

One cool feature in Android N is the seamless update. Now you don’t have to download updates and reboot after installing them. Instead the updates will get downloaded and installed automatically on a secondary partition. On the next reboot the OS will switch partitions and ensure you have the latest version at your disposal. Also, following a reboot, you would no longer see the “Android is upgrading” screen.

Multi-Locale Mode

The polyglot language support addresses the issues of multi-lingual Android users in an innovative way. Users can now add languages in order of priority. The new Multi-Locale Mode will then allow an app to select the language it supports from the priority list.

More features

Some of the other interesting features include the landscape mode rotation. This would now works on both the home screen and as well as in the app drawer. The fun of setting wallpapers is doubled as you can set one each for your lock screen as well as the home screen. Also, the Night Mode would function automatically.

During the recently concluded Google I/O 2016, all mockups and screenshots depicted the time as 7:00. While this is Google’s customary way of hinting at the next version number, we still have no clue of the name. Whatever it is, it does promise a lot of exciting features for the users and could keep them engaged till the next release.