8 Ways to make your Android Smartphone’s Battery Last Longer

One important feature that we look for in a smartphone is its battery life. We usually want Smartphones with longer battery lives. However, they do not always match our expectations. Typically, a smartphone’s battery lasts from one to two days before it gets completely exhausted.

Smartphones consist of AMOLED or LCD screens, including applications that drain the batteries faster. But there are several methods to make your Android Smartphone’s battery last longer. The following are some easy ways of making sure your smartphone’s battery last longer.

1.Use Dark Colored Wallpapers

Smartphones, especially with AMOLED screens, flash the colored pixels only, so if you use dark-colored pixels and, more specifically, the black colored pixels and wallpapers which are unlit, you would be able to save battery for a longer duration.

2.Turn Off Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the best features of Android phones. But it uses a higher volume of the phone’s battery. Consider turning it off if you do not use it often and let your battery last longer.

3.Update your Apps

The mobile applications are updated regularly by the developers for memory and battery optimization. To gain the best optimization, keep them updated. Also, delete the obsolete apps that you do not use anymore. In your phone settings, ensure that all your apps are optimized for battery life.

4.Switch Off your ‘Connectivities’

You may turn your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS off when you do not use them as these chunk your batteries fast. Also, when you are in places with a low network, your android phones use massive battery power in trying to connect to a better one. Consider turning your Airplane mode On at such times or when you don’t use your phone at all. Also, use Wi-Fi in place of the cellular network whenever possible, as Wi-Fi takes far too little of your batteries compared to the cellular data.

5.Turn Off Vibration Mode

Most people find using the vibration mode suitable for most times. But, vibration takes a large portion of batteries in Android smartphones. Each time when it vibrates, a small vibration motor is spun, which uses a lot of battery. Also, the light that is produced when you tap keys on your phones uses quite a lot of the phone’s battery. Try using these lights and vibration as low as possible to increase the battery life.

6.Charge in a Correct Way

According to research by ‘batteryuniversity.com’, you should not keep your smartphone plugged in after it is fully charged. It would help if you charged your phone in small sessions rather than a longer one.
Also, do not wait for your battery to drain before charging fully. To increase battery life, disconnect charging if it gets warm.

7.Turn Off Auto Updates

Usually, the Android smartphones update and download applications automatically whenever your phone gets a Wi-Fi connection. This eats up a lot of your batteries. Consider turning it off and update the apps only as per your requirements.

8.Minimize Notifications

Having our phones connected to the internet, we tend to receive several notifications all the time. From e-mails, news, messages, update notification to games, add on apps, etc. our phone makes a sound or vibrate and blink lights each time a notification arrives. This activity consumes a great part of our phones’ batteries. To save your batteries, disable unnecessary notifications.