8 Tips for Using Your Smartphone To Save Money

To keep your understanding while running your own business, it’s significant you get away for a few days. Taking time off is not only fine for your mind; it can make you more creative and augment your productivity. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you need a large budget to take time off to travel. Of all the money-saving tools I utilize, my smartphone is by far the most powerful planning tool I own.

So whether you’re taking time off for you, or going on a business trip, you want to be able to save money along the way. Here’s how to use your smartphone to save funds when you’re traveling for business or taking time off from your business.

So whether you’re taking time off for you, or going on a business trip, you want to be able to save money along the way. Here’s how to use your smartphone to save funds when you’re traveling for business or taking time off from your business.

Locate the Economical Fuel Station

One of the priciest things when planning a road trip is the fuel. Recently, fuel prices have been going down – which is immense, but you can’t forever rely on the fluctuating gas prices to give you a break.

There are fuel saving apps which are powered by a community of users working together to let drivers all across the country find the competitive gas prices. Utilizing your smartphone, users can search by city, state or zip code for:

  • The best value per-gallon
  • Find the inexpensive gas station on the go
  • Locate gas stations and have a glimpse of current gas prices
  • VoIP implementation augments the phone’s ability
  • Receive points towards regular prize giveaways

Book a Hotel at the Last-Minute

Dissimilar to popular travel planning advice, users can book hotels last-minute and still get a remarkable deal. There are apps like the Expedia hotels app which can, in turn, help you earn travel rewards without a credit card, and another app called Hotel Tonight where you will be able to get some, in fact, good deals with. Both of these choices are outstanding for finding deals and savings for local accommodations when you’re traveling on eleventh-hour business trips. It is also super convenient to book any reservations on the go and have the substantiation emailed to your smartphone.

Use Online Coupons and Specials

You need not to pay retail price for anything and you shouldn’t either. With mobile apps, which provide Online Coupons, you’ll have access to an extensive variety of ways to save funds with the use of promo codes, coupons, and searching for the latest deals.

Here are some of their preeminent features:

  • Check out today’s hot deals
  • Browse coupons, trendy stores, and categories
  • Online and in-store coupons to your favorite stores
  • Drag-and-drop function for simple coupon redemption
  • Save coupons for Future Purchases

There are also some of the sites where you can not only save money on purchases but receive cash back as well. This is wonderful for online shopping, reserving flights or hotels, and locating discounts on local entertainment.

We should also keep in mind: all of these purchases can be removed on your tax return if they were for business-associated expenses

Find the Shortest Way

Whether you use the default navigation scheme on your phone or download the google maps app, you can save together time and money by finding the direct route to your destination. Keeping trail of your location using GPS is also exceptionally helpful for avoiding high traffic areas or traffic jams. When you are very much way out of town and you can use your smartphone to locate an alternate route. Nothing is more annoying than being excited to meet with a colleague, or being in a rush for a meeting, than being stuck in traffic for long times and wasting fuel.

Check out Free Entertainment

One of the favorite travel hacks is finding fun in addition to free entertainment. There are plenty of ways to see the sights, attend concerts and other complementary activities when traveling. With many entertainment sites, users will never run out of discounted entertainment choices. Another money-reduction alternative is to purchase a local coupon booklet, to obtain the best deals on sporting occasions, groceries, local clubs, cafes, car rentals and more.

Find Free ATM’s

The last obsession you may want to do when on vacation, is waste hours looking for a close by ATM. Surprisingly enough, many local banks associate with ATM providers to give you access to fee-free ATM’s.

It’s easy to bind on your mobile phone and find the ATM nearest you. Paying a considerable ATM fee might not seem like a lot of money, but wouldn’t users quite spend that on their vacation instead?

Get the Finest Food for Low-cost

By far the nicest thing about a road trip (or traveling in general) is getting to attempt new foods! However, sometimes this can come at a high price and continually eating out can easily bust your vacation funds.

The Meal Ticket app for iPhone, allows you to explore for restaurant coupons and special deals in your area. It also offers a list of coupons and reviews submitted by erstwhile users.

For me, this app stands out from other food apps, since you can demonstrate your server the coupon right from your smartphone, it’s all digital — no printer required

Try “Deal-of-the-Day” Apps

There are also deal-of-the-day apps like Groupon and Living Social. They are outstanding tools to book business plans on the go, but still save some currency in the process. In addition it’s enjoyable to be a little spontaneous and try new restaurants, activities and getaway locations.

To take advantage of Groupon, all you need is to simply sign-up for the local version of the service (your travel destination) and remain for the great offers to pop up. Many of the deals offer paperless redemption alternatives, which mean you can cash in them right from your smartphone.