Smartphones are used to extract information virtually about anything you want to know about. A few of the users might as well think that it is overpowering in their life because of the speed at which things take place with this small electronic device.

Have you ever felt that your smartphone is a reason behind your stress and anxiety? Have you ever thought of using your smartphone in a more productive way? If yes, here are six ways in which you can use your smartphone more efficiently rather than considering it as a source of anxiety and distraction.

Try Multi-tasking

These days smartphones provide the leverage of multi-tasking through the split-screen facility that it provides. There are times when you want to run two applications at a time on your smartphone, that is when this feature is effective and it helps in getting your work done quicker.

Notes and Reminders

Whether it is a shopping list, an important password, a meeting to be attended or a set of instructions that would be difficult to remember, smartphones are a great way to manage notes and reminders. You can record all types of important information for later use and avail them for the quick access.

Use a Timer Feature

Do you lose track of time while going through all the notifications? Stay on schedule by using the timer feature on your phone while checking emails, social media platforms, etc. All that needs to be done is setting the timer or an alert. When the timer goes off, it is an indication to stop using your smartphone.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Applications

Have you got a few applications on your phone that you have not checked in a while? It’s time to get rid of them and ward off yourself from unnecessary distractions. Review the entire collection of applications in your smartphone and start uninstalling them. There are a few unnecessary pre-installed applications that cannot be uninstalled and can be disabled to avoid distraction.

Use Power Saving Mode

All the smartphones have a power saving mode which can get you about an extra hour when the battery is running low. This feature is very important when there is no accessibility to a charging point and you need your smartphone to be running a few important functions like web browsing and more.

Save Maps Offline

Google Maps provide support for saving maps offline. The application will show an outline to indicate the area that will be downloaded and also estimate the space it needs in your smartphone. The offline data will include all the information regarding that area including streets, servicing points and more. It also cuts down roaming costs while travelling and the battery drains at a lower rate.