6 Reasons to switch to TAG Mobile

Good value, nonstop service, and excellent coverage, all with unlimited calls and texts, is what you will be benefited from broadly. Whether it is a product, service, or subscription, you would expect excellent service when purchasing anything. You must be looking for a prepaid plan that suits your requirements and budget better. TAG Mobile is one such carrier. And if you are wondering why you should choose to purchase or switch to TAG Mobile services, here are some excellent reasons why.

No Contracts

Most of the time, wireless telecommunication providers tie you up into contracts so that your money is guaranteed to them. You will often be offered discounts to lure you into a contract. At TAG Mobile, you can either Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) or purchase a phone along with a prepaid plan. We allow you to sign up for prepaid plans that you need and quickly swap to other prepaid plans when necessary.

Flexible Prepaid Plans

At TAG Mobile, you can choose plans for your entire family. Each prepaid plan will be managed individually. We allow you to pay as little as $10 per month and scale up from there based on how much data and benefits each line requires. There will be no contracts, credit checks, hidden fees, or deposits. Our flexible policy of Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) lets you transfer, checking status, and modify port-in numbers with no hassle.

Prepaid Plan Top-up

Redefine Freedom with low-cost TAG Mobile Prepaid Plans.

TAG Mobile prepaid plan starts at $10, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars a year. Avail free tri-cut sim and free shipping along with the three prepaid plan mentioned below:

  • $10/month for 100MB LTE data and unlimited talk and text
  • $15/month for 500MB LTE data and unlimited talk and text
  • $25/month for 2GB LTE data and unlimited talk and text

Network Coverage

In the US, carriers are separated by GSM (T-Mobile) and CDMA (Verizon and Sprint) networks. This means that if you bought a phone from Verizon and wanted to move to T-Mobile, it might be tricky compared to moving from Verizon to Sprint and vice versa.

As TAG Mobile has made deals with all the carriers, it means that you are covered whether you use a GSM or CDMA device in terms of coverage. So if you are coming from Verizon or Sprint, you won’t have to worry about buying a new phone.

Low Priced Phones Or Bring Your Own Phone

You will be offered multiple options. We have a variety of low-cost phones you can choose from, or you can bring your phone from your old provider to use instead. TAG Mobile provides you all the instructions on how to transfer your old phone and port your phone number. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do!

Easy To Get Started

You can enroll easily using our ‘3 minutes Sign up’ process by visiting our website www.tagmobile.com or walk up to the nearest TAG Mobile store along with your proof of eligibility documents. You can also call us at 1-866-305-1923 to sign up. If you need support, we have an excellent customer service team that you can call or email whenever you find yourself stuck.

Want to make money from your phone plan? It is possible because TAG Mobile offers you a referral program. You can earn rewards for each new friend referred by you places a successful order. Refer your friends and make money while you save money on your monthly prepaid plan.

Check out the latest prepaid plans at www.tagmobile.com and register right now!

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