5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You on a Holiday-Tour

5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You on a Holiday-Tour

Aided with the access to fast Internet, Smartphones have changed almost all facets of our personal and professional life. Our Smartphones might have virtually unlimited utilities, but it becomes all the more vital for us when we venture out in unfamiliar territory, perhaps, on a holiday trip. While many of us consider our Android Smartphones as our best friend when on a tour, it also becomes our guide and our personal navigator.

A travel-related utility is one of the most important aspects of a Smartphone. It’s no surprise then that there are numerous travel-related apps available online, with most of them having millions of audience. Check out some of the ideal ways you can use your Smartphone when touring an unknown destination.

Navigation & Commuting

Gone are the days when as a tourist you had to carry a number of booklets consisting of maps of the place. Furthermore, you no more have to indulge in those awkward conversations with the locals trying to figure out your exact location. Your Android Smartphone is good enough to track your location to pin-point accuracy. By locating your current location on the map of the place, your GPS enabled Smartphones can help you navigate the roads and even narrow passages with accuracy.

Most cities around the world have the signs and boards of their transit systems marked in local languages. This can be major deterrent for foreign travelers. With the several translation apps available, you can interpret the exact meaning of such signs and destination boards with ease. Moreover, you can also search for the apps that help you with the exact timings and other vital details of the local transit system, which can help you in commuting in foreign locations with minimal difficulty. You may also be able to find the apps that even provide the real-time transportation advice.


The first thing you need when on a tour is the reliable assistance on booking your to-and-fro tickets. With high-speed mobile data, you can use the numerous ticketing apps from reliable ticketing-firms to get confirmed tickets for the journey. Moreover, when you are in the middle of the trip and decide to change the course of the journey, you can even cancel and book new tickets from virtually anywhere.

Accommodation Booking

Once you have booked the tickets, the next essential thing is your accommodation. With thousands of hotel booking apps available on the Google Play Store, getting accommodation in your budget and with desired amenities in now a child’s play. The credible rating system followed by most of the reputed online hotel-bookings firms also helps you in making your decision. You can even use your Smartphone to book your hotel-room through secured payment options, which essentially saves you from the hiatus of withdrawing cash.


With most Smartphones equipped with high pixel cameras, you can use it to click photos like a pro. Now when you are on a holiday trip, nothing can stop you from clicking pics to your heart’s content, illustrating every phase of your journey in images. In addition, you can also shoot lengthy videos of everything you wish and store them as memories on your microSD or other storage options forever.

Travel Guide

Apart from help you to book your accommodation, your Smartphone can help you locate the best of the restaurants and eateries in the vicinity through various search apps. No just that, some of the popular apps can also help you view the menu of the restaurant even before you get there. Once you’ve located the best-suited hotels you can even use the proprietary apps to reserve your table.

When it comes to sightseeing, again you can put your Android Smartphone to use identify the top locations in the vicinity. From museums, art galleries, movie theaters, to shopping malls and emporiums, your Smartphone can help you find them all with maximum ease. In addition, some attractive online-ads from the local business can also help save big while shopping for your loved ones back home.