5 ways your seniors can benefits from smartphone

seniors can benefits from smartphone

Our seniors, unlike us did not grow in an era of cell phones and computers, and so many of them find it difficult in adopting to the latest gadgets and technology. Despite this, there are various ways in which smartphones can prove to be beneficial for our senior citizens. Below listed are a few of them:

Assist them during emergencies

As our parents and grandparents grow older, they are more at a risk of suffering an unexpected medical emergency be it a fall or a heart stroke. With smartphone beside them it would be easier for them to get instant help through their phone. There are also various apps available online that let you know if something is wrong if in case they aren’t able to call up directly

Keep track of Health

Smartphones can be used as fitness trackers. Most of the phones nowadays have inbuilt applications for tracking health as the number of steps walked in a  day or keep track of heart rate, sleep patterns and even their calorie intake. Keeping a track of all this regularly can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Managing Medicines

There are various applications available on the app store that can help seniors remember what medicine is to be taken when. These apps can help them manage their medication routine independently. These apps send out regular reminders and can also help them communicate with their doctor or to schedule an appointment for a visit.


Smartphone can keep senior entertained. As they can watch movies, videos, play music, devotional songs or even play video games to keep themselves engaged. Seniors often tend to feel bored and alone. Smart gadgets with the latest technology can keep them entertained and would also keep them active mentally.

Easy Communication

In these hard time, when everyone is challenged by distance, phones are a great way to communicate with the ones you love. Senior can directly call and connect with their family and friends or could even connect with them through social media and stay in touch with them while also being socially active from the comfort of their home.

Smartphones can keep seniors entertained and can also help them maintain a healthy lifestyle while keep them connected with the ones they love. It is advisable to teach your seniors to use smartphones so they can adopt to the changing technology and stay connected and entertained at all times.

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