5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes When Using Smartphone

5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes When Using Smartphone

Viewing a digital screen for long can have varied effects on us, with stress being the most common upshot. Ideally, it’s our eyes that are put at maximum risk. Be it the screen of your PC, Smartphone or television, protecting your eyes from strain is imperative to maintain their health. While there are various ways to avoid the harm caused to your eyes from television and PC, we are most concerned with the ones that keep us safe from Smartphones. Their ever-increasing usage is one of the primary reasons for this. However, in comparison Smartphones have the smallest screen-size of them all, and the level of stress factor could be much lesser compared to TV or a PC; yet taking proper precautions is necessary. Discussed below are some of the effective tips that can help us minimize the risk to our eyes from Smartphones.

Alleviate the glare

Smartphones today come equipped with anti-glare screens which use Matte screens or Corning Gorilla Glass. But for those with ordinary screens, reflective glare can be an annoying factor. There’s an easy and effective solution to this issue, which is also an inexpensive one. A screen-protector with an anti-reflective coating in a range of Rs 100-350 is the ideal way to eliminate the annoyance of sharp glares. Also, most Smartphones have got a best-fit anti-glare screen for each version available in the market nowadays. Using this can reduce the caustic glares that are harmful to your eyes.

Calibrate the Brightness

Constantly staring at a shimmering-bright screen, irrespective of its size can affect your eyesight. The first thing you need to do is adjust the screen brightness so that it matches the surroundings. It doesn’t mean that you have to always reduce the brightness, as some time you may also have to increase it to an appropriate level. Keeping the brightness too high or too low can put unwanted stress on your eyes. Balancing the brightness appositely can go a long way in reducing the damage that could be caused to your eyes.

Clean your screen regularly

While this may sound as a trivial cause to affect your eyesight, truth is that a dirty screen makes it difficult to view the displayed content. When this happens frequently, your eyes are put under lot more stress than it is actually needed. Also, while you hold your untidy screen close to your face while lying down face up, chances are the dirt on it can enter your naked eyes. All these factors can be harmful and may damage your eyesight in the long run. The ideal way to deal with it is to clean your screen regularly and if preferably with antiseptic lotion or a sanitizer.

Use an optimal text size and color

When you’re reading a textual content on your Smartphone, chances are that it might be displayed in a size that is too small for you to read. It causes an unnecessary stain on your eyes and doing this constantly and for long duration can again affect your eyesight. Adjusting the size and color of the text which makes it comfortable for the eyes can help you protect your eyesight. Apart from this, inappropriate color-combinations that make it difficult for you to read effortlessly should be modified if possible.

Follow the 20-20-20 Rule

Since childhood, our eyes are developed to focus on many things both at long and short distances, in equal proportion. However, staring at a Smartphone constantly for long can disturb this equilibrium. Making your eyes focus on an object that is at least 20 feet distance for three times in an hour for as minimum as 20 seconds can help you assuage the affect of Smartphone on your eyes and help your protect your eyesight.

These are some of the ideal ways to guard your eyes while using a Smartphone. Also, one of the suggestions that can be considered pragmatic is to keep the usage of your Smartphone in check and if it’s not possible, at least keeping the screen at safe distance from your eyes can go a long way protect your eyesight.