5 ways to maximize mobile app user acquisition

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There are over 1.5 million apps on the top two app stores and millions of downloads happen on a typical day giving the opportunity to the marketers to market their mobile apps. The apps that are downloaded include social media, games, financial, business and other apps. Millions download few apps from the app stores and others lay there being rusted. Pokémon Go was a game that set a record recently with 12.2 million downloads in the US smartphones in a period of 30 days. In this spree of customer acquisition, some brands emerge as winners and others lag behind. Here we list few of the ways in which the brands and the startups can also optimize their strategies for customer acquisition on mobile phones.

Give an appropriate app name

The app name you give should match what people are searching for, and the best practice is to include the effective keywords in the title and description of the app. The app profile page should display its utilities and why people would download the app. Positive testimonials, feedback, and reviews on the app profile page would surge the credibility of the app. The app should be promoted in more than the two top app stores.

Create mobile responsive websites

A smart way to get your app downloaded is to drive the users to your site first from their mobile phones. Mobile websites have proved to be the primary source of app installation which many marketers ignore. The app user base can be effectively increased by shifting the users to the mobile app from the website by using the new age tools.

Off-store optimization strategies

Traditional marketing of the app and leveraging the off-store app optimization strategies can play a very crucial role in increasing the number of downloads of the app. Recent research studies suggest that users use the keywords to search the app stores which are mostly related to the brand names or app names. The off-store marketing will help in generating the curiosity among the users so that the prospective customers look for the app when they happen to visit the app store for an app.

Referrals and incentivized installations

One of the great strategies to maximize app downloads is to leverage the power of incentives for sharing the products. Such an approach will not only help in maximizing downloads but will also help to reach out to a much wider audience. There are many such success stories of brands who have optimized the app downloads and usage through referral programs and incentivized installations.

Effective segmentation of the market

Smart segmentation of the market helps the marketers to strategize better and engage the users on their mobile devices based on their needs, preferences, and interactions. To segment the data, collect relevant information regarding the customers like gender, age, location, preferences and the like. These datasets can then be subsequently used in segmenting the users. These different segments of customers have to be then communicated with messages that suit the specific audience according to their characteristics. Targeting a specific segment of the audience with the right message can prove to be much more effective than developing a strategy for a wide spectrum of users with no common characteristics or interests.

However useful and engaging your app may be and irrespective of the time and effort spent on developing the app, acquiring new customers and retaining them is the core activity that organizations should focus on. A robust customer acquisition strategy is thus required which needs to be executed efficiently keeping control on costs. Working smartly can save money and resources and can help you stick to the budget as mobile user acquisition is expensive and competitive than ever before.