5 ways smartphone can help your career growth


The smartphone makes you a better, more productive person. Smartphone technology has made it easier for job hunters both active and passive to check out potential employers. Smartphones can help you perform all sorts of career advancement activities, and practically for free.

Staying organized 

Without having to print out one piece of paper smartphone users can keep a track of all their job search activities. From setting alarms for yourself to, finding alternate directions to a job interview, to following up with a hiring manager you can do everything on your smartphone. With proper memory and processor smartphone can run multiple apps and you can toggle between them seamlessly helps you to organize some of your most relevant data and cut down your time on doing pretty much any task.

Company research and new job alerts

Smartphone job listing apps can keep you up to date on company postings and news. The Smartphone will help you learn more about the company in advance and can also help you avoid applying for jobs that aren’t right for you. As the internet, social media has become an increasingly important resource for finding jobs and offers a place for job seekers to tap into their networks for help finding work, or promote their skills in a way that is publicly visible to potential employers.


Use your smartphone to maintain your contacts using either your social networking app or other online chat applications. You will stay up to date with potential job prospects by networking as your smartphone is always with you. Through intelligent postings and online conversations make your presence known. Joining discussions on-site such as LinkedIn, touch base with personal contacts who have the inside scoop on job opportunities.

Lets you work from anywhere

A smartphone with a proper network connection can let you work via a cloud system and can help open and work on any file or document on the fly. Google Drive comes with a full suite of document creating and editing apps and allows you to make and change documents on the go.

You are always connected

You are always connected with WhatsApp, skype, and hangout, it’s very easy to make yourself available. Your smartphones can be set to check for new emails in specified timings without having to open your inbox manually. So, smartphones help you stay involved from anywhere.