5 Ways a Telephone Answering Service Benefits Your Business

Running a business means having multiple things to take care of at the same time and answering incoming phone calls 24/7 can become challenging. Unanswered phone calls might mean losing customers to competitors and could drastically hurt your business and brand reputation.

A call answering service can act as a central hub for all business communications to come to, and can distribute the right information to the right people at the right time. With a telephone answering service that receives and answers customer phone calls on your behalf, you can optimize your business communication and cut costs.

Here are five ways a telephone answering service can benefit your business no matter the size and industry.

  1. No more missed calls

Customers today won’t think twice before switching to a new company if they can’t reach you. A phone answering service guarantees that you will never miss a call again. Professional receptionists will take care of every message and question that potential and current customers may have for your business.

  • Increase productivity

A telephone answering service enables you to capture every business opportunity that comes your way. Since there is always going to be someone to pick up the calls, no opportunity is lost. Professional receptionists will filter out calls and ensure you receive important information so you can focus on other business tasks.

  • Save costs

Hiring a full-time or part-time employee can be costly for your business, especially if you’re not at the stage of growth yet. Plus employees may take sick or annual leaves. A telephone answering service eliminates your need to hire an additional employee just to pick up your calls. Plus since such services offer 24/7 availability you can stay rest assured that you won’t have any costly business overheads.

  • Retain Valued Customers

If you can’t answer all phone calls, you’re risking losing business. Customers expect their queries to be answered at all times. Answering phone calls only during business hours leaves 16 hours a day when calls go unanswered. Most customers won’t leave a message or wait for a return call. A phone answering service can provide a 24/7 cover for your calls.

  • Schedule Appointments

In addition to being able to answer calls at all hours, telephone answering services can book and schedule appointments for your customers. Instead of going through a computerized voicemail and having to select options before getting to the right department, they’re immediately connected to a real person that can organize timings to ensure quicker, easy bookings for your clients.

If you’re looking for an answering service provider, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you Great Answering Service offers a phone answering service for businesses of any size. Our team of professional receptionists have an excellent phone manner who love retaining customers for businesses. Get in touch with us for our services today!