5 Tips to Run Your Android Phone Faster

Is It Time To Bring Your Own Device?

Previously smartphone users could use their mobile for days without charging it more than once however with the additional features on a mobile phone; it is now very challenging to last the whole day with a single charge. Phones today are furnished with a bigger color screen, different kind of wireless connections, cameras, radio, and music players, midst other accessories. With all the transformation and high usage, the life of the mobile battery cannot last long.

The convenient and trusted method is to make your device charge last longer is to switch off all unexploited connectivity alternatives. This comprises Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and most importantly 3G. Lest absolutely needed to turn those off as much as you can. Many diverse applications are available in the market to help you achieve the connections. If you do not browse on your device or browse on your device often, switch the 3G off, the faster connection can significantly disturb your battery life you can do this by accessing the settings on your device.

1. Evade using your phone as a music player:

MP3 players are fairly inexpensive presently; do not operate your smartphone as your music means. You will find an improved musical experience when stepping outside your Android devices.

2. Turn off Vibrate Function:

Recurrent use of the vibration on your phone can suck your battery life. It is a great option to have but it is also one you can live without.

3. Settings:

Switch off or change settings on applications that dependably need to connect to the network to refresh data. Here are some very useful applications that can help you in your batteries afflictions.

4. Power Manager

This very beneficial accessory available in the market will let you assign profiles to your device depending on numerous situations. It will let you modify many unlike options based on how considerable battery life your device has left or on what power it is running on. This one also comes with a useful widget that lets you easily snap many preferences on your device.

5. Advanced Task Manager

Available for free or for a price this one also works great invalid battery life. It will close applications automatically for you so that they do not run on the background which is a must-have.

These are some of the helpful tips that one can follow to be rest assured that they will be able to last the whole day without worrying about battery life even if they talk on the phone for the desired amount of time. For an enhanced Android experience, it is necessary for smartphone users to explore what they can do their bit from their side for their device and customize to their own predilections.