5 reasons why Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives

smartphoneToday there are over two billion smartphone users worldwide. This number is only going to increase in the future. All this has been having a profound impact on the way people lead their lives regardless of age, gender, nationality and socio-economic status.

Smartphones have been strongly dictating the various facets of our lives in the last one decade beyond anybody’s wildest imagination. Today we use the smartphone for everything from checking the weather to watching high definition videos on the go.

Here are some compelling reasons why you cannot do without the smartphone

1. Internet on the go in the palm of your hand

Never before was so much information available to mankind at his fingertips than what we are experiencing today and all courtesy of the smartphone technology. This accompanied with the fall in prices of mobile internet connectivity is a real blessing. Internet speeds are getting faster with each passing year and all this leads to better internet accessibility and usage all around the globe.

2. It’s the age of app ascendancy

What the smartphone technology has ensured is that today we have apps for every little domain and the world just cannot seem to get enough of it. We have apps that help us navigate our way to and from the office by recommending the route that has the least density of traffic by accessing real-time traffic movement from the app server. Apps help us to keep track of our health, remotely monitor our homes, access our bank accounts, credit cards and it seems we have just scratched the surface in this regard.

3. Umpteen ways to communicate

When the first generation of mobile phones came into commercial use it was all about talking or texting. But today it’s a fry cry from those good old days. It is possible to deploy audio, video, text modes of communication on dozens of channels that the smartphone has afforded us today. You can communicate using live video calling on mobile internet network, chat using social media messenger apps, use instant messaging channels to attach images, video clips and send it across to friends and family. The options are only limited by your imagination.

4. Center of your entertainment world

Smartphones are catering to the taste of burgeoning users who would like to play the next trending ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game’ or MMORPG for brevity, wherever they go. Watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster on the smartphone screen using the cutting-edge 3D technology is also quite possible. The smartphone screens are getting bigger, the resolution is getting better, the battery life is getting extended and all this has led to your entertainment world decisively revolving around the smartphone device.

5. Your mobile workstation

It all started when people could conveniently access their emails on the phone while on the go. The rise of the smartphone as your second workstation today is undeniable. Complex software applications that even half a decade ago needed the support and configuration of a desktop PC today can be easily accessed via the smartphone device form factor. This has led to improved productivity and collaboration on various work-related projects regardless of where one physically is located.

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