5 Mobile Apps to Help You Boost Your Savings

In our previous post ‘Four Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business’, we talked about the different ways mobile apps can be of great help to businesses when it comes to improving brand recognition and visibility.

Outside of business, mobile applications have become instrumental in providing aid to all kinds of users, whether it is in the field of education, gaming or finance. In this article, we will delve into some of the best mobile apps that can help you manage your finances and help you stay on top of things.


One of the biggest struggles for cohabiting or newlywed couples is finding the right way to manage finances. This is why HoneyFi was made. HoneyFi is a free app that lets couples work together to make the most out of their money. The app has features that help couples organize and keep track of their finances to minimize misunderstandings and eliminate distrust. This money-saving app also allows users to create budgets and labels, comment on transactions and share information on all accounts and statements.




A lot of people often forget that there is another way to save money aside from cutting down on expenses: growing the money you saved up through interest. Chip is an all-in-one money-saving app that analyzes where your money goes and determines areas where you can save. Then, through its messenger, Chip will encourage you to make those savings and add the money to your virtual Chip-monitored piggy bank. The good thing about placing your savings in this app’s piggy bank is that it pays 1% annually. This percentage can easily go up to five if you are able to recruit friends and get them to start saving as well.


Petal Mobile App

Through their minimalist and intuitive user interface, the Petal Mobile App allows you to plan out your monthly budget and calculate your interest rates with ease. While their cash back feature gives you 1% on all your purchases, their credit score feature allows you to keep an eye on your credit score in real time. It also enhances the security of your bank accounts by integrating your phone’s security feature through a biometric ID and by allowing you to turn your card off in just a few clicks in the event that it gets stolen or lost.

Cleo App

Managing your finances is hard – one minute you see yourself more than able to afford a drink, the next thing you know, you’ve already spent your month’s worth of food allowance. Fortunately, there’s the Cleo App – a money-saving, AI-powered chatbot that lets you look at your spending and helps you answer money-related questions. You can think of Cleo as a friend that can tell you whether buying another cup of coffee can hurt your entire budget or not. This app is a straight-talk, informal chatbot that shows a helpful display of where and how you spend your money.



The surging prices of goods and the stagnant state of wages make it almost impossible to save money. Luckily, there’s Vouchercloud, which can connect you with tons of discounts and coupon codes. What sets this one apart from all the other voucher code apps is that it has a simple, easy to use interface and a ‘near me’ function that lets you browse through the best deals nearby. Vouchercloud comes with a ‘Track Your Savings’ function that will make you feel good by showing you how much money you were able to save using the app.  Keeping track of your expenses is hard. So just imagine how much harder saving is. Thanks to technology, now you can just turn to your smartphone, and have an organized breakdown of your expenses, making saving much less of a headache.