5 Essential Tips for New Smartphone Owners

smartphone owner

Anyone referring our times as the ‘era of smartphone’ may not be wrong, as our obsession towards this incredible device totally justifies it. The ‘humble’ phone has seen one of the most amazing transformations in a couple of decades and has gone from being a mere communication device to a comprehensive entertainment and business platform, and has proved itself worthy of the name ‘smart’-phone.

The multifaceted utilities of latest smartphones have turned so popular with the current generation that the main function of making and receiving calls has taken a back seat. Be it using as a navigation device or as a proficient camera, the smartphone lets you do many things that are bound to make it your favorite device.

So, when you buy a new smartphone, there are already a number of things that you want to do with it. However, here are five tips that can help you to get started with your brand new smartphone.

1.Personalize your home screen

Personalize your smartphone by sorting the home screen and setting up the home screen icons, wallpaper, and the colors the way you want it to be. You can take a photograph of your loved ones or download a wallpaper of your choice and set it as your phone wallpaper. Delete or remove the unnecessary pre installed apps or download the apps that you would need and decorate your home screen the way you desire it. This is not just to make your phone screen look neat and tidy but it would also save you time as you won’t have to search for the apps when needed. Adjust the brightness of your device to save battery and according to your preference.

2.Utilize battery saving tricks

One of the biggest hurdles the new smartphone users face is not able to get along the full day without charging the phone. There are of course many tools and ways to save battery and extend the life of the battery. There are power saving tips which are mostly found under settings thatcover battery saving tips like reducing the time before the screen is timed out for turning off utilities like GPS, Bluetooth or auto-sync. It is always advisable to know and use the power saving tools and tips and you won’t have to carry the charger along with you any longer.

3.Create a backup of your data

It is always safe and advisable to create a backup of your data either on your computeror on the cloud storage. This would not just save storage space on your device but would save the data in case the phone is stolen or lost. Most of thesmartphones come with microSD card slots where data can be stored but you can always use a USB cable to transfer data from the phone to your computer. If this seems cumbersome to you, there are many cloud storage options which allow you to store data for free.

4.Explore the camera settings

Explore the camera settings of your smartphone as many smartphones come with a great camera allowing you to take awesome pictures. Nowadays, smartphones allow you to take stunning pictures and no one uses the traditional cameras anymore. Allthe new range smartphones come with inbuilt editing tools as well with other options like smile detection, HDR mode, gesture mode, and much more. These options allow you to transform ordinary pictures in mundane settings into work of art, adorable by friends and family. This can be effectively done using the editing tools enhancing the resolution and the color and using other settings. It is always great to make the best use of the inbuilt camera of your smartphone as it would allow you to take the best of pictures and share on social media and other places.

5.Optimize your data usage

Going above your data limits for unknown reasons is not only frustrating but annoying as well as it leads to huge bills. This can happen if you allow the apps to automatically update using cellular data. Most of the smartphones would tell userswhich of the features are consuming the data be it emails, instant messaging, web browsing, downloading video or streaming music. Usage of safeand non publicWi-Fi on your device is always suggested.

These tips would serve you as the basics and the precautions necessary to use the device comfortably. Use these tips to optimize your device and save your bills and get the most of your smartphone. It is always advisable to know about the trends and keep abreast with your usage of the smartphone.