5 compelling reasons why users prefer mobiles to pc’s for internet browsing?

BrowsingMobile internet usage has surpassed desktop internet browsing, is old news. What is interesting to note is that within a short span of time the number of users browsing the internet via their smartphones and tablets have exponentially risen beyond anybody’s wildest imagination. The two chief reasons for this are falling prices of smartphones and wireless internet and the increased speed of mobile internet.

But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to people’s internet browsing proclivities on mobile devices. The reason mobile has transformed users to take up serious browsing on the small screen devices are many, but here are the most compelling five:

1. Freedom from wired existence

This is one of the most important reasons people love browsing the internet on mobile phones. It accords them the liberty to use internet services the way it was initially designed and intended to be used, by the Father of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. To put it in simple words, “Information anytime, anywhere”, has been the cornerstone of how internet helps us assimilate information and mobile devices are the perfect conduit for such an information distribution methodology.

2. Living in the moment all the time

We all know the feeling when we are out and our smartphone has drained its battery or worse we have forgotten our phone at home. That feeling of being left out is primarily because of smartphones that are helping us live every moment of our lives by staying connected to the world that matters most to us.

Social media comes to full life thanks to in-built features of smartphones that are designed to help us socialize online seamlessly regardless of where we are located. Taking a quick selfie, recording an enchanting video clip, sending context and location-based messages is all super-easy thanks to the evolution of smartphone technology.

3. Beating boredom in style

With high speed internet being the new norm for mobile connectivity there is never a dull moment in our lives anymore. Travelling alone long distance? Well, all you got to do is go to YouTube and depending on your genre and personal interests you are bound to find gazillions of exhilarating and scintillating videos and as an upshot you will never complain about boredom again.

You can also play MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with whoever you want to play it with. The rapid advancement of smartphone technology and ever-faster mobile internet has meant that playing data-hungry games on your phone is now a distinct possibility.

4. Apps for all things imaginable

Your smartphone is rightly the repository of apps that come in all shapes and sizes. Apps help you to navigate your car to the right destination via the most optimal route using cues from real-time traffic movements. Apps let you instantly download the perfect recipe for that irresistible Italian dish that you are so interested to rustle up. Apps help to manage your work on the go using collaborative technology and software that are getting more powerful with each passing day. This list can go on indefinitely.

5. Continuous knowledge gathering

The advent of the World Wide Web opened the floodgates of information for people around the world. But the rise of smartphone internet truly ushered in a revolution of knowledge gathering and sharing on a level unprecedented in the history of humanity. Today everybody can learn, get informed, access skill-based training, get expert advice from domain authorities, all from the comfort of their smartphone screens.

And it seems we have just managed to scratch the surface of what could possibly be achieved with mobile internet in the not so distant future.