5 Best Web Browsers for Android Smart Phones

Mobile web browser

Smartphones are increasingly used to browse the internet but have you ever wondered about the best browser that would offer you a novel and seamless browsing experience. It’s a fact that smartphones are used for a plethora of reasons like calling, messaging, scrolling through social media, chatting, checking emails, and for many other needs. Among all these, for the serious web browser, considerations like speed, aesthetics, a set of useful features, and performance would surely make a marked difference. Several experiments and tests have been conducted on different browsers keeping the conditions same and different browsers were ranked in order of performance based on the test results. No wonder, there are numerous mobile web browsers with each added, every day. The gamut of web browsers offers a wide variety of differentiating features which runs from prototypical to refined, from open source to proprietary, and from the privacy oriented browsers to the data dependent ones.

Out of browsers available, Opera, the desktop champion has made a successful debut in the mobile arena. Next, comes Google’s Chrome whose desktop success made it a widely accepted rival of the major players in the mobile web browser market. Firefox’s mobile browser is liked by many for its simplicity. Safari is also used and it’s the default browser for Apple’s iPhones. This is just the surface with the other names of the browsers who had a fair amount of success and they include Dolphin, Flynx, Ghostery, Mercury, Naked and numerous others. Few more may be mentioned as well like Peacekeeper, Browsermark, Mozilla Kraken, and Sunspider which has also grabbed the market share because of the ease of usage of the niche users. Now, you can probably understand, choosing a browser that would suit your exact needs may become a great and insurmountable challenge. To simplify matters, we have chosen the most robust and the intuitive ones that are available and are fairly widely used. The list below is not exhaustive and neither is it a conclusive one. As new web browsers flock the market and add each day, this underlying list may surely serve as a starting point.


Chrome was launched on 2012 for the Android platform and was widely accepted for its simplicity, speed, and a variety of useful features. The features of Chrome that had made it popular since its debut include quick initiation of searches from the address bar, searching ability with keyboard or voice, incognito mode of search, autofill of lengthy forms with saved information like names, addresses, and credit card numbers. This had made the browser more compelling since it was launched because of its advanced features. Chrome really outperforms other browsers if you happen to have a Google account. The reason is, after signing in, it easily synchronizes with your tabs, bookmarks, and browsing history across any other devices. Apart from all of these, a relatively new feature of Chrome is Data Saver which comes handy in compressing images, fonts, and other objects of the web. This gives you a double advantage of fast browsing with reduction of data usage as well.

Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox was a popular browser before Chrome was launched. Firefox is even more preferred by the techies and most of the users of Firefox are developers or are engaged in the technical field. The reason for preference of Firefox by the technical community is, it’s an open source mobile web browser with the facility of installing innumerable add-ons into the browser with private browsing option as well. The browser is also noted for its seamless browsing experience but the internet connection has to be reasonably supportive with a decent speed. The other advantage for the users watching movies frequently is, it has an inbuilt Flash player and the browsing records can be synced with a Firefox account as well. Overall, it’s a well-organized mobile phone browser for Android.


The Opera for Android is a derivative of the desktop browser and was launched for the mobile phones with numerous features. It still continues to receive a series of new features through regular updates which make the browser a sophisticated one. Opera has all the features that make it competitive like Opera’s new search bar supporting a standard array of features and queries like pictures, videos, etc. It also supports QR code scanning with Opera Turbo, compressing data up to 80% which speeds up the browsing. The most recent addition to the browser is the ad-blocking tool which is built-in which blocks pop-ups, banner ads, and interstitial. The other features are comparable with Chrome which are private browsing, password manager, auto-complete tool and syncing your browsing sessions with other devices.

Opera comes as the default internet browser with most of the branded Android phones. There are two versions of the browser namely Opera and Opera Mini. Most importantly, Opera offers clutter-free browsing experience with other facilities like the support of Flash, quicker downloads, private and tabbed browsing with customization of the browser.


Dolphin was one of the first browsers introduced on Android platforms and managed itself not to sink into oblivion in the competitive landscape of mobile phones. Like Firefox and Opera, Dolphin also supports add-ons, tabbed and private browsing, auto-completion of forms, and password management. It also supports browsing data of other devices through Dolphin Connect. Dolphin Sonar allows you to perform complex tasks like voice queries and finger traced characters with websites. This makes the browsing experience easy and smooth for the search of websites as the moment you type “T”, twitter appears. Dolphin is also quick and offers you a fairly smooth browsing experience.


Puffin is an Android based browser with few odd but useful features like Adobe Flash content support, gaming mode, virtual mouse pad, and few more. This makes it the favorite for the gamers although it has all the features, the standard and heavyweight counterparts offer like data compression, incognito mode, and few add-ons like Facebook, Twitter, and Pocket. Puffin uses remote servers for downloading and streaming videos and flash games to the device. Apart from these, it also has a virtual keyboard and gamepad which are built-in and lets you customize themes seamlessly with few other data saving features. One of its limitations is the free tier version of Puffin allows flash streaming support up to a maximum of 12 hours per day. Overall, the browser is a novel one with all the standard features but allowing a great experience for the avid lovers of games.