4 Ways to Share Business Presentations from an Android Phone

Business Presentation

If you expect your smartphone to do it all then you are probably not wrong. It can do a lot more than you may be thinking. With the smartest of apps available, it can make our lives more comfortable and easier. It’s already a fact that smartphones have made our lives easier in personal as well as professional fronts.

Earlier, business presentations meant laptops with long cables and connecting it to the projector with a lot of hassle. As the apps are getting smarter each day, your smartphone can take care of your business presentations without a single wire attached. While speaking at meetings and conferences or for presenting information in the seminars, the smartphones can be comfortably used and they can replace the laptops, desktops or even the projectors for showing a slide show.

You can roam all about the room without having to reach the laptop and keep on using the phone as a remote control for your presentations. The phone can be connected to the PC or the laptop either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi which may require installing an application on the PC. This would enable you to swipe fingers on your phone and conduct your presentation by toggling through screens. There are of course plenty of such apps available in the store like PowerPoint OpenOffice Remote or PPT Remote which are free. There are of course premium versions also which allows presentations for unlimited time and with other advanced features. All of these apps are handy for conducting business presentations on Android phones. Below are details of four smartphones and apps that make business presentations easy and time saving.

Smartphone with built-in projector

Smartphones have even made the projector superfluous. Samsung Galaxy Beam is a phone which comes with a built-in projector. The content that is on the phone’s screen can be straight away projected on any flat surface. All you have to do is turning on the projector of the phone and focus it like a flashlight. It’s one of the easiest and portable projectors that you can have on your phone for any of your presentations.

Droid @ Screen

Droid @ Screen is an app which allows you to share presentations from the android phone using the equipment that you possibly already have. You just need to connect the smartphone to the computer using a micro-USB adapter and the Droid @ Screen app can be run to share the content between the monitor and the smartphone. This would enable you to share the presentation directly from the mobile phone if the computer is connected to the projector through a VGA adapter or an HDMI cable. The app is available free, for a trial period with a limited streaming up to 60 seconds per presentation. For utilizing the app with an unlimited streaming option, you have to upgrade to the premium version.


AllCast is an app that lets you forget about cables, cords or adapters and is a marvelous solution for wireless streaming of content from Android phones to any other device like a larger monitor or a TV. For AllCast to work you would need a set Top box that supports AllCast and this would support devices like Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, and Google’s Chromecast Dongle. After you get the app installed on your smartphone as well the secondary device, business presentations can be beamed to a larger audience over a Wi-Fi connection.

Finish presentations on time

Smartphone apps can help speakers to finish their presentations on time. Most often the speakers exceed the time allotted for their presentations and on many occasions, there is not even a wall clock to remind the speakers about the time. Presentation Timer is an app which is not only a great aid to practice delivering presentations but it also lets you set the time for your presentations. The app starts with a green colored screen which eventually turns to yellow when it’s short of time and when the time is up, it turns red. There are several apps available for android phones that you can install free of cost. Few of these apps have bells which ring or makes the phone vibrate when the time is up.