Smartphone aren’t indestructible and we all know that too well. There are undoubtedly going to be issues during the life cycle of a phone such as deteriorating of battery life and slow performance brought down by many different factors. As we all know there isn’t much we can do to prevent our smartphones from giving up on us at some point both electrical and physical parts will start to fail over time with continued use. But there are also plenty of things you can do to ensure your smartphone is working at its best.

Battery life

Most devices use Lithium-ion batteries which work best if they are kept charged between 50-80%. It’s healthier for your battery to be topped up in small bursts throughout the day as to one long charge from empty. Use official chargers only unapproved third party versions could cause damage to your battery and they can be extremely dangerous.

Signal problems

Check to make sure there are no issues with your account or network coverage in your area. Aside from checking your SIM is properly inserted you can also check your provider’s website or social media accounts to make sure there are no widespread network outages.

Data usage

To improve overall life of your battery and reduce data usage Turn off the “mobile data” feature for non-essential apps. Avoid downloading large files when you’re using mobile data and automatic app updates over mobile data is likely eat into your data allowance.

Device shutdown   

Shutting down your device completely at least once a week will help to refresh the operating system and will help to keep it running optimally.

SD cards

If you’re using new SD card for the first time and having issues reading external storage check if the format is suitable for your device and also check the card slot for dust or damage in addition to the physical condition of the card itself.

Camera functionality

By freeing up your device storage you can improve your camera functionality. Regularly move photos and videos to cloud storage services such as Icloud or Google photos, rather than keeping them saved to your device.

Touch screen

Try cleaning the screen using the method recommended by your manufacturer if your touch screen is unresponsive or starts responding slowly. Also clear out any temporary internet files, cookies and browser history.

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