4 Ways to Boost Productivity With Your Smartphone

4 Ways to Boost Productivity with Your Smartphone

A Smartphone, with its wide range of utilities, is one of the most interesting gadgets to spend your time with. Be it listening to music, watching videos or socializing with your friends, you can spend several hours being totally idle. On the other hand, your Smartphone can also be the gadget that can help you increase your productivity. Using the appropriate apps and tools, your phone can help you save precious time by helping you simplify some of the important tasks that you perform on a daily basis. Let’s have an overview on some of the ways our Smartphone can help us in being more productive.

Simplified e-Mailing

Your phone allows you to preview the incoming messages as soon as you receive them. With the ability to preview the mails as soon as they arrive, you can act upon them instantly and respond to them on the go. Moreover, you can synchronize all your accounts and configure them to view all the emails at one place. This saves you from the hassle of logging in and out of accounts to send and receive the emails. Also, while you respond to the mails from your phone, the receivers would be impressed by your promptness rather than minding for the brevity, which can let you keep your responses short and simple.

Minimal Typing

Your Smartphone provides you with innovative techniques to scan the text from various sources. QR Code is one such novel method of capturing text. Be it a website link, contact address or any such information, the QR code helps you capture the information without the need of typing it manually. There are various similar techniques that use the optical recognition technology, which you can use to scan business cards, print ads, receipts and even official documents. The apps that utilize these techniques can enter the captured data directly into relevant places like address book or notepad, which you can save into secured folders. This ability of scanning the info saves you from the hassles of maintaining a business card register or jotting notes on paper-bits that can be easily misplaced.

Better Time-Management

There are many apps that can help you manage your tasks much more effectively. Right from helping you schedule your list of daily tasks to reminding you about some important work, your phone can make you much more efficient. Depending on the importance, you can set your priority schedule for each of them. Apart from giving a specific name to your tasks, you can also add subtasks for each. Moreover, you can even integrate your list of agendaswith the calendar, and even put them in a loop of a weekly or monthly cycle. This way, you can plan your schedule not just for the day but for the entire month or year, if you wish to do so.

Better Time-Management

Many companies are allowing their employees to use work-related applications on their phones. This enables the employees to manage their work even when they are away from the office. Right from scheduling meetings, preparing presentations to making project reports, employees are now using their Smartphones to do them all.

These are some of the essential ways you can use your phone to help you accomplish your work much more efficiently. By simplifying the tasks, it also adds a sense of effortlessness to your day-to-day jobs.