4 effective uses of mobile technology in the classrooms

mobile learning

Mobile Technology can be used in several great ways to make teaching and learning powerful. Mobile learning enables a student to learn through a medium that they find most comfortable and also have become an ingrained aspect in the lives of student. Mobile learning offers endless possibilities for higher engagement, and enhancement of student understanding and learning beyond the classroom. Mobile learning also provides an easy way for teachers to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.

Use of Audio Recording Feature

Audio recording can speed up the brainstorming process before students start a research process. Struggling students can focus on creativity and thinking instead of stressing over spelling errors with audio recording. It also keeps students accountable for their work but it’s also easy for teachers to listen in without the constraints. Students can complete the assignment in a medium with which many of them are already quite practiced and comfortable with the help of audio recording. To provide personal and quality feedback to all students lecturers can make use of the audio recording feature.

Use of QR Codes

Another great way to use mobile technology in the classroom is quick response codes. QR codes offer instant access to audio, video, website contact info, or any brief text. It also adds links to further resources, images, complex diagrams, and images that could be coded and made available to students. To allow students to self-check their work QR codes can also generate answer keys beside each problem.

Chat and Online Discussion Forums 

Students, as well as Lecturers, can exploit the chat feature of mobile devices to create an online discussion forum to encourage class participation on content topics, even outside the classroom. Students can chat and discuss with or without the lecture on a subject to increase their understanding of concepts.

Up-to-date Learning  

The mobile device in the classroom allows students instant access to the latest news, information, Statistics, etc. Mobile devices help them keep connected with what’s going on around them and ensure they are always well informed with the most up-to-date information. Virtually every question they have is at their fingertips and also helps students to expand learning outside of the classroom.


One advantage of mobile technology within the context of informal learning is that student can advance their learning and understanding by making transitions across contexts. Mobile technology in the classroom can indeed increase the impact of learning and it is remarkable how mobile technology can transform education into something more engaging than you could ever imagine.

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