10 ways to detect Spyware on your Android Phone

When your phone starts behaving weirdly, then there are high chances that it has been affected by a Spyware or malware. Some of the actions, which can upset you, include utilizing loads of processing power and battery. Sometimes it can automatically open unwanted instant messages or even make sounds for unknown reasons. Assuming your phone is suffering from any one of these is the case, it might have been infected by spyware.

So what is a Spyware?

As the name suggests, spyware is a kind of program that is intended to gather information from your smartphone. This sort of malware will attack your phone or tablet and can take away all types of data stored on it, including your personal information, login credentials, and much more.

Basically, there are four kinds of spyware found on Android devices, and each has its own way of tracking and steal your data.

Trojan: It is easily the most perilous of spyware. It camouflages itself as a genuine application program to enter your telephone. Controlled by a third-party, it empowers them to approach sensitive information on your phone without your knowledge.

Adware: It is a kind of spyware that peruses the cache of your phone to track the history of your browsers. Through this, it detects the items that you are keen to watch or buy. Subsequently, the adware will then prompt you to view or open ads that it has identified with what you recently visited or watched.

Trailing Cookies: Also known as tracking cookies, these are pieces of code that reside on the phone’s browsers. As such, they can follow all the activities performed by the users when using the browsers. They can get the information by the searches made by the users, their browsing history, and downloads.

System Monitors: This spyware is equipped with a set of instructions to gather all that you do on your phone. It fundamentally records all online movement of the users, including email, chats, downloaded programs, and even keystrokes. Moreover, they are regularly camouflaged as freeware.

Most of these Spywares usually appear in the form of harmless apps. To trace them on your phone, you have to observe the performance of your phone from time to time.

To start with, you need to check for these symptoms

1) Your phone lights up and even switched off automatically.

2) You start seeing apps that you do not remember installing.

3) There are many unwanted spam messages or emails that open up automatically.

4) The battery of your phone keeps draining quickly and regularly.

5) The device starts to heats up, even when not in use.

6) It starts making weird sounds, especially when you are on calls.

7) You find an app or a set of apps that refuse to get turned off and keep running perpetually in the background.

8) The quality of the sound from speakers deteriorates suddenly

9) The phone doesn’t handle calls well and drops most of the call automatically

10) It keeps shutting down and rebooting randomly

These are some of the most common issues you can observe when a spyware has infected your phone. So, when you have unwanted apps, messages, or any other form of code that appears malicious, you must delete or uninstall them immediately. Also, it is essential to have an anti-virus app installed, which can prevent or eradicate spyware and malware that are quite harmful to your phone.