TAG Mobile ISO Agent Program

I. Your Information

It's an exciting time to consider the TAG Mobile ISO Agent Program. This program offers an opportunity for qualified business owners and corporations to sell Lifeline products and services and integrate a TAG Mobile into your business models.
TAG Mobile endeavors to connect and provide discounts on phone service to qualifed low-income consumers. This will ensure that all Americans have the opportunities and security that phone service brings including being able to connect to jobs, family and emergency services personnel with their world, and do it better than anyone else. We are fulfilling this goal by creating new solutions for our customers and by driving innovation in the communications industry.
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You won't see a program like this from our competitors. It's a chance to operate as TAG Mobile, LLC ISO Agent. We will contact you within 48 business hours following your questionnaire submission.

II. Questionnaire

Thank you for considering TAG Mobile.
The authorized dealer "Retailer" program is quite a simple process to participate in, as we value retail establishment partners to become destination hubs for our customers to top-up or refer-a-friend for Lifeline sign-up. The ISO program is a selective process that requires you to fill out a questionnaire. Based on the information you provide you may be selected to proceed in the review process. If selected the final stage is creating a simple business plan to better understand your company, distribution strategy, business development process that encompasses door-to-door, events and flea markets solicit strategy.
Please complete the brief questions questionnaire below and a TAG Mobile, LLC Regional Sales Director will contact you. Thank you for your consideration and time.
  1. Are you an Independent agent or a Company?
  1. Do you currently participate in distributing another ETCs lifeline service?
(If yes, with who?)
  1. Do you plan on representing TAG Mobile and the other ETC provider at the same time?
  1. Does your organization have the understanding and experience to support door-to-door, events and flea market soliciting strategy?
  1. How many Sales Representatives (sales agents) do you currently have now?
  1. What county(s) and state(s) do you currently operate in? TAG mobile is in 19 states visit www.tagmobile.com for more information on state eligibility
  1. To participate in the TAG Mobile, LLC ISO program, one hundred (100) approved daily lifeline sign-ups is the minimum daily requirement. Quota broken down is approximately ten (10) approved daily lifeline sign-ups per sales agent. Can your company meet and exceed the approved daily lifeline sign-up requirement?
  1. TAG mobile distributes earnable commissions for prior month’s activity (approved USAC’able lifeline applications) every 15th of the month. Does your organization have the cash flow to support the sales organization net 35 to 45 days plus initial set up costs to run a successful business distributing our lifeline wireless service?
  1. The set-up cost includes event marketing collateral, signage, and branded premiums. Total cost will depend on the total number of headcount (sales reps) the minimum requirement in submitting daily applications is 100 TAG Mobile, LLC requires a group of 10 employees submitting 10 approved lifeline applications daily. Can your organization support distribution infrastructure? (The minimum requirement for sales agents headcount is 10 producing sales agents)
  1. ISO will provide a tablet or laptop with data capability to the sales agent to facilitate a real-time Lifeline sign up (transaction) and provide TAG mobile live updates on daily event locations on dealer portal. Can your company support this initiative?
  1. Is your company currently bonded?