5 Essential Smartphone Features

5 Essential Smartphone Features

Smartphones have great utility value and are extremely addictive, thanks to the innumerable features they offer. But users should go beyond performing the usual tasks with their cell phones in order to savor the entire set of rich technological attributes. Here are five essential smartphone features that serve to enhance user experience.

The single most important function of mobile phones, right from the time they were introduced, has been the contact list. Remember the days of the basic feature phones? Browsing through contacts was a pretty difficult task because you’d have to manually scroll down to find the name and number of the person with whom you wished to speak.

Smartphones changed all that. Nowadays, all you have to do is key in the first few alphabets of a friend’s name in the search bar to find his or her number. Additionally, you can also store a lot more information about that person such as email ID, street address, landline number and more. If that is not enough, you can add the people you call frequently to the ‘Favorites’ list and create groups for office colleagues or college friends.

With the Facebook sync function, you need not worry any longer about the change in details of your contacts, because it gets automatically synced to your list. The presence of your contacts on certain social media chat software, for example WhatsApp, is reflected in these updates.

Screen Display

Smartphones are used for much more than merely calling or texting. Users watch films, view images and also play fast-paced games on their cell phones. None of this would be interesting or exciting if the quality of the display is disappointing. All this is subject to the screen size of your phone. After all, it is the screen resolution and the vivid displays that bring the action to life!

Always ask your dealer for a demo and then select the smartphone that suits you best. Pay particular attention to how the screen of your phone reacts to different lighting conditions, viewing angles and more importantly, its performance when delivering entertainment-based programs. The most common kinds of screen types are TFT, IPS, Retina, AMOLED, Clear Black and HD.

Fonts Matter

The earliest cell phones had greenish-colored backgrounds, thick black text color and font sizes you really could do nothing about. We’ve moved miles from that era… thankfully! The uber-cool smartphones of today provide an array of choices in terms of fonts, sizes and colors to suit user needs. It is crucial to note that the size of the font you decide to use, when compared to the layout of the page, can make a big difference when reading text online. So settle on a font size that is neither too big, nor tiny. Explore and make good use of the extensive font cache of your smartphone.

Storage Space

Almost all smartphones come with an inbuilt storage card with up to 8 GB capacity. But if you are a person who stores loads of music, pictures, eBooks, videos and so on; you’ll soon run out of storage space. This is why you should invest in a cell phone that allows for expandable Storage and or a micro SD card slot. If this feature is available on your smartphone, you can increase store as much as 32 GB worth of information on your precious phone.

Wealth of Apps

Application developers spend endless hours to present you with the best smartphone apps that perform a range of functions. From checking to weather, to monitoring your heart; and even reminding you it’s time to water the plants―the full ambit of functionalities are impressive. When you buy your smartphone it would serve you well if you spent a couple of days understanding the offerings of each app and also those that you can download form the online stores.